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I see our boards are one now! Can't wait to get to know everyone!

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Hey :).

I'm excited to get to know everyone too! The March board was so dead!

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Welcome March and January board members! My LO was actually born in Jan anyway Smile

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My oh my.....so many of us on 10/10 too! Smile *waves*

Hi ladies.....

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Hi Laurene! Karen,I know our board was so stinking dead. how are your lo's? trevor is doing great.. I've decided to try and get his dermoid cyst removed early next year.

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Hi everyone!! my names nicole and my feb 08 baby is sophie and i also have a march 10 baby. kind of excited to see some new faces one here. all our "babies" are getting so big.

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Hey all. I'm lori. My march 08 lo is jocelyn. I was active on both feb and march for she was due in march but born I'm feb. I'm also a member of sep 11

Looking forward to meeting the ladies of january.

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Hi all! I'm Emily, my little guy is March 08 and I am also on feb 12. Can't wait to meet everyone, maybe this way the board will be a little more active.

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Wow - I go away for a couple days and the board is gone Sad

I'm Kristin and my DS Jacob was a Feb 2008 baby. I also have a Jan 2010 baby and will have a May 2012 baby as well. Looking forward to chatting with some new people.

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Hi ladies! I'm also excited to meet some others with LOs close in age.
My son is a Vday baby 08 and my daughter was born in Mar 10.

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Hi, I'm Lauren. Rhys is our feb 08 baby and we also have a daughter, Maddilyn, born in Dec 05.

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Hi! My name is Mandy. My DS Nicholas was born in Dec. 07 but I stayed on the Jan 08 board. I also have a 4 month old (June 11 board Smile )

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I'm Becca. I have a June Bug, Zachary, '06. A Feb. Leapfrog, Zoey, '08. And an August Bumble Bee, Alex, '11. Can't wait to get to know you all! Smile

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Hello hello! i really have not been around much lately and everything is different. I am Tiffany. A feb 08 baby, Lillian and a April 11 baby, Molly!!