Hi, ladies!

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Hi, ladies!

Sorry I have been MIA for so long. Pg.org and I do not get along that well lately...it is such a huge pain for me to log in that I gave up really trying! I finally decided to suffer through the log-in process and tell you all my big news, though, haha...we are expecting baby #3 in January! This was a huge surprise to us, and I still don't think I fully realize what is going on. LOL! It is a bit strange for us since our other pregnancies were very planned. We are going to need a bigger house and a bigger car, so we will need to figure things out soon!

Hope you and your Leapfrogs are all doing well!

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Hah, I thought I had seen your username before!! Now I know where I remember you from...the Feb 2008 board! Looks like we are double BB buddies - Feb 2008 AND Jan 2012!

congrats! (again)


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Congrats Katie, hope you stay around now! Love the pic of Lindsay

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Thanks, everyone! We are excited! Overwhelmed, but excited! Smile

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Yay, so happy for you. Wink

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Just think of all the gorgeous photos you'll have of this newborn! http://taopan.bigcartel.com?ap_id=madrhy JK! then again if you want to buy stuff do it through that link and I get a comission lol

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congrats!!! we miss you around here! any new pix of lindsay and evan?

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yay congrats!!!!