I'm BAAAAAACK! (Formerly MayLady)

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I'm BAAAAAACK! (Formerly MayLady)

Hey everyone! After a looooong absence I have returned! It has been a scary 2 years and I'm ready to talk about what happened.....

I had been having a lot of problems in my marriage for years and it got worse after having my precious baby Lily. My ex husband was on daily rampages, his addictions had gotten worse, and it all escalated into physical abuse towards me. I left him on 6/22/2009 and was officially divorced on 6/22/2010. I was in hiding for a time or two and was afraid to open up about everything. After some serious drama, counseling, and focusing on picking up the pieces, I am happy to report I am safe and moving on with my life.

Lily has grown so much and is very precocious! She's everything I could have hoped and dreamed for in a daughter. Sorry I was gone for so long! SO looking forward to perusing the boards and seeing everyone's little ones again!

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Hi there!

I totally remember you and I am soo glad you are back! I love the pictures of you and Lily! I am soo sorry about what happened with you and your husband Sad I hope things get better for you guys and feel free to jump right onto our board again! I have been pretty much a lurker lately but our board has kinda slowed down. I can't believe our kids will be 3 1/2 soon and my son will be 2 in September!

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Hi Natalie! Glad to see you are back, Ive always wondered and missed you! Lily is such a pretty little girl! Im sorry to hear about all your problems, thats so hard and Im happy to see you knew what you had to do to have a happy and healthy life for you and Lily. I hope your future is bright. Hope to see more of you around!

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Hi Natalie - Welcome back! I had wondered what happened to you. I'm sorry to hear how hard the last couple of years have been for you - I hope things are better now.

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Welcome back! I, too, wondered what had happened to you-- glad to see you and Lily back! She is so gorgeous! The board has slowed down some but we still post here and there so stick around! Smile

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so happy to see all of you again! You were always so supportive and nice and it's so amazing to me that some of you were thinking about me Smile your kids are all beautiful and it's hard to believe they are getting so big!!!

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HI Natalie - I'm really sorry to hear what happened with you and your ex. :openarms:

Lily is adorable. Smile

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Thanks Laurene! So are your BEAUTIFUL babies! So happy for you having another princess!

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Hi, I remember you too! Smile Welcome back. Sorry about all that you had to go through with your ex, but happy that you and Lily are in a better situation now.

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Wow, sorry about all that has happened. I cannot imagine what you went through. Thanks for updating us and jumping back in.
I love the first picture, so cute!

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NI Natalie! Wow what a lot to go through. Glad things are on the upswing. Lily is ADORABLE!!!!!

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welcome back! sorry about the problems! glad you are moving on and doing what's best for you and lily. she is beautiful!

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Wow, that is crazy. So sorry you had to go through that.
Welcome back and congrats on leaving!!!