I'm going to be in a book! (XP)

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I'm going to be in a book! (XP)

So when I was around 30ish weeks pregnant with Noel I had pregnancy pictures done. Recently the girl who did them sent me a new release form to use my pictures on her website. I told her I was interested in doing a 1 year shoot for Noel and asked for her pricing flier again. She sent it but told me she had a surprise for me. A few days later she sent me an email saying a while back there was a contest where they chose the most inspirational images from photographers all over the world to place into a book. Well, the image they picked was one of me and my son! And it's not just going to be in the book, it's going to be the COVER of the book! So she gave me a free session as a gift! How cool is that?! I totally have to buy the book now!
Here is the picture:

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wow, I have goosebumps. that is a beautiful picture!! that is so exciting!!