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Just checking in

Hi ladies! It has been awhile since I last posted or had even been on here. Life got hectic for awhile, and I changed jobs. All in all life is going great for us. Chris has been a SAHD since right after Aiden's 1st birthday. It isn't the most ideal situation (he's not thrilled about it), but it works for us right now.

I'm working at a video relay service interpreting for phone calls for deaf and hard of hearing people, and I'm working a 2nd/3rd shift hybrid, so I'm loving it.

Chris is working a little from home doing picture retouching as an independent contractor.

Aiden is doing fabulous! He's completely potty trained and only has a rare accident. He's growing and learning so much and just amazes us every day with everything he picks up. He's so smart and listens and behaves so well. It's hard to remember that he's only (almost) 4 as he's so mature and so grown up most of the time.

We've also added a new addition to our family. As we are not in a good place to have another child right now, we adopted a 1 year old male beagle. We've named him Smeagol, and he's just so much fun and so full of energy! The only major issue we've had is he has severe separation anxiety. The vet gave us some medication to help calm his nerves until we are able to get him started in obedience training. Hoping that will be sometime in early February.

Wanted to post a few recent pictures. Hope all you ladies are doing well. Now that I have a laptop, I can have computer access at work and will hopefully be around more often.

Here is Aiden and Chris the night we met our new puppy

This is Fred. It is Aiden's very favorite stuffed dog

Aiden and his cousin Lilli from this past summer

Aiden and his cousin Noah from this past summer

Aiden and me a couple weeks ago