Leapfrog 3 Year Stats

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Leapfrog 3 Year Stats

How about a check in thread with our leapfrogs' stats!

Clothing Size:
Potty Training Status:
New accomplishments:
Plans for preschool:
Funny thing your child did/said recently:
Anything else:

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Height: 36 inches
Weight: Well the doctor said 30lbs but every time we weigh him here he is 32-33 lbs.
Clothing Size: 2t/3t, Size 8 shoes
Potty Training Status: Fully day trained at home, still working on outings and haven't touched night/nap time yet.
New accomplishments: Being able to get his underwear out of the drawer and put it and his pants on, putting some clothes away
Plans for preschool: I will probably start some in-home stuff with him by the fall, probably sooner though.
Funny thing your child did/said recently: He said that he doesn't pass gas, but that Daddy and Mommy pass gas. Today he called the cantaloupe "cannibal". "I like eating cannibal!"
Anything else: Micaiah does pretty well at playing by himself, has a really happy, sunny personality, likes to snuggle and give kisses, is pretty good with other kids, and loves to learn - still loves books and letters. It's fun to see him "mother" Noel like I do even though sometimes he scolds her. He still throws fits sometimes but it's not as bad as it used to be.

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Height: 37"

Weight: 31.8 pounds

Clothing Size: 3T pants, 3T & 4T shirts. Size 9 &10 shoes, size 5 diapers

Potty Training Status: He's is ready, I am not. Going for it the last week in March since it is spring break for Theo and I won't have to do the morning rountine.

New accomplishments: He swings (used to hate it), talking in sentences, spelling words and sight reading some.

Plans for preschool: none

Funny thing your child did/said recently: he is calling strawberries strawbuddies :), he told the doctor at his well check that he is "too sick" to tell her the letters.

Anything else: He's is just really fun right now when he isn't whiny after a nap. I wish he would nap everyday like he used to but usually he skips and goes to bed at 6:30.

Picture! My boys at the doctor on monday:

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Height: 38"
Weight: 31-32 lbs. Depends on the day.
Clothing Size: 4t for pants....4t/5t for shirts Shoes - 10
Potty Training Status: We are getting there.....it's the pooping that we are having trouble with.
New accomplishments: Went poop in the toilet yesterday all by herself. She came out and had went without any prompting to go.
Plans for preschool: We are enrolling her in the Fall.
Funny thing your child did/said recently: She gets frustrated and says, "Damn it". Also, she loves to sing....Cheyenne used to sign her "Crazier" by Taylor Swift and now she nows it word for word...it's adorable.
Anything else: Love my Randa-Roo!!! She is so funny......
Picture! -

If you aren't on my FB check this out....pics from her 3rd birthday party. We had a blast!

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Height:39 in
Weight: 39lbs
Clothing Size: 4T/5T
Potty Training Status: I will say she is pretty much totally trained. She wears a pull up at night but is ALWAYS dry. Very few accidents and she always takes herself!
New accomplishments: She works the DVD player better than me!
Plans for preschool: Getting ready to sign her up with the school at our church.
Funny thing your child did/said recently: When I'm a big sister I can drive your car mommy!
Anything else:We just signed her up for gymnastics. I am excited that she will have something to do and meet new friends!

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Height/Weight: no idea! I should find out, he's getting quite tall and skinny
Clothing Size: 3-4 (our sizes are different so it means nothing anyway Smile usually he's in a 3 in pants and 4 in tops
Potty Training Status: daytime - done although still have the occasional poo accident at preschool, at home and out and about with us he's fine. Nighttime - still in pullups
New accomplishments: Lots going on, he's just hit that age were he really responds to questions, he's following in his sisters footsteps and has a whole bunch of sight words he can "read" but doesn't often like to show it, you just get questions like "why can't you park there?" and he tells us what he wants to eat on a menu
Plans for preschool: he's been going since October and started 2 days a week this year.
Funny thing your child did/said recently:He sings funny little songs all day and is always making us laugh.
Anything else: Finally learning to play on his own! for ages he had to have you there with him, entertaining him all the time.
With Maddi all ready in her HUGE uniform on her first day of school Smile

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Height: not sure.. around 38 inches
Weight: about 30 lbs
Clothing Size: 2t-3t in pants and 3t in shirts
Potty Training Status: fully day trained no accidents in two weeks! and he hasnt had an accident while out. nighttime he wears a pullup but is dry 95% of the time
New accomplishments: he knows how to spell a ton of words, count to 30, loves to sing.. and he can work my ipod touch like a pro. i put some spelling games on it and he loves playing it
Plans for preschool: none
Funny thing your child did/said recently: "i have to eat all my dinner so i can be a hippopotamus like at the zoo. and then i can sleep in the water and come out and play and wave at all the people at the zoo".. seriously where does he come up with this stuff?
Anything else: he is such a big helper.. he loves to help with cooking, cleaning,anything with Hayden. he loves his blankie, transformers and Cars.

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Height: 37 1/2 inches

Weight: 28.5 lb

Clothing Size: skirts 2T, pants 3T for length shirts 3 and 4
T shoes:8 diaper:4/5

Potty Training Status: potty trained wears panties unless she is napping or sleeping at night otherwise always in panties and has had two accidents in about last 6 months

New accomplishments:talks like an adult, sassy pants, can almost legibly write her name, loves to sing, plays with friends not just next to friends,

Plans for preschool: will begin this fall two days a week for 2 1/2 hours. right now we do a class one day a week one hour with mom one hour without mommy

Funny thing your child did/said recently: "and thats how it is" she talks like an adult it cracks me up all the time. yesterday she was sitting on couch playing her mobigo and was acting like her feet we trying to play and she was fighting with her feet

Anything else: she is so sassy and so whiney and has a lot of attitude but is also so loving and caring and such a good helper. she loves to sing and to draw and do art projects. she is a good big sister 95% of the time...the rest of the time she is yelling at him to leave her stuff alone

Picture! will post later

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Height: 36 inches

Weight:28 pounds

Clothing Size: 2T in pants, 3T-4T in shirts

Potty Training Status: Day trained, but she still uses a diaper at night.
New accomplishments:Using a stool so that she can use the potty and wash her hands all by herself

Plans for preschool:none... because of a December 1st cutoff She won't be starting preschool until she is 4 1/2. Until then we do some playgroups to keep learning new things

Funny thing your child did/said recently: She is starting to correct herself before we can even get a chance too. She will say something like "you play with me NOW" and she will correct herself "Don't say now, say please"... I have to be careful when I say things like "Let's go now" because she will correct me too.

Anything else:She recently had a fall at the grandparents and had to get four staples in her head. She wasn't happy about that, but she loves to talk about it now.

Picture! I actually don't use my photobucket account anymore, so I don't have any recent pictures to post

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How about a check in thread with our leapfrogs' stats!

Height: about 38 inches
Weight: 37 lbs
Clothing Size: 4T
Potty Training Status: completely potty trained during the day and most nights too!
New accomplishments: Skyla is talking in full sentences now, knows her ABCs, numbers 1-11,colors, shapes, and sings songs! We are soo proud of her and she has come soo far in such a small amout of time!
Plans for preschool: She has been going to preschool since her 2nd birthday and has been soo wonderful for her in every way Smile
Funny thing your child did/said recently: She sings songs funny and she says "Ty Ty likes mommies boobies" in public :eek:
Anything else: Skyla is really turning into a little girl and is a great big sister! She is like another mommy to her brother and it just melts my heart to see them play together! Most of the time Skyla is very well behaved and happy girl too!


Here is a picture taken today in her cooking apron and hat!

Here is one of my favorite pictures of my husband and kids watching a parade this past weekend! I don't have many pictures of all 4 of us because I am the one who takes all the pictures, he he!

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Weight: ....39.6lbs
Clothing Size. ..Kids size 4 Pants and xs tops. or 5t...it's nice getting to shop both depts now. 10 shoe

Potty Training Status: done. her nap diaper is always dry and overnight pullup is dry about half the time. She is starting to wake up at night to potty

New accomplishments...she helps herself to the fridge Sad I'm still excited how well her Dr said she is with speech!

Plans for preschool. She's been in since Feb 2010. So did half year with 2yr olds and this school year is in 2yr old as well. Next school year she goes with the 3 year olds. She does very well and she loves it.

Funny thing your child did/said recently....not funny just pitiful
she's sick right now and asked for some milk. Hasn't moved from the bed all day and it's the afternoon. She says"i don't want to help you this time mommy cuz I'm sick"
Anything else: Picture

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Height: 36
Weight: 29/30lbs
Clothing Size:3t size 7 shoe
Potty Training Status: pretty well potty trained during the day w pee-still have some accidents if hes to preoccupied or outside-and poos in his undies for the most part still, he does pretty well using public toilets
New accomplishments: learning bigger words
Plans for preschool: waiting till next fall-he will be 4 going on 5. hes in a daycare that is teaching him the things that preschool already does i believe-colors, shapes, counting, coloring, abcs, crafts, bible stories etc so i dont feel the need to do 2 yrs-
Funny thing your child did/said recently: he says so much and now hes in bed so i cant think of everything that went on the whole day....but he is hilarious-OH he always says pick me up-my legs are broke
Anything else: cant believe how good their memories are-he remembers stuff from over a yr ago

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Height: 38 inches
Weight: 31lbs

Clothing Size: 4t on the bottom and top a few 5t on the top as well

Potty Training Status: finished! except at night and he wakes up dry 90% of the time

New accomplishments: he is starting to say a few more words

Plans for preschool: he is starting 2 days a week in the fall

Funny thing your child did/said recently: Right now if you ask him how old he is he always says 5, actually he thinks everyone is five Smile

Anything else: He is still having trouble with his speech and still is very unclear and hard to make out we are hoping preschool helps with his speech.