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Leapfrog Check In!

I know there are no big age milestones (3 1/2?) but I thought I'd do an update since so much has changed with a lot of us!

Leapfrog's Name:
Height and Weight:
Clothing and shoe sizes:
Potty training status:
Siblings names and ages:
Preschool? When/how often?
Favorite things to do:
Favorite tv/show movie:
What one word best describes your Leapfrog?
Future babies status (TTC/preventing/expecting/done):
How are YOU?
Future plans:
Recent pictures:

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Leapfrog's Name: Zoey Jane Elizabeth
Birthday: 2/6/2008
Height and Weight: Not sure on height but she weighs 40 lbs. exactly.
Clothing and shoe sizes: 4T clothes, almost 5T and size 8 shoe, extra, extra wide.
Potty training status: Totally trained with some accidents at night.
Siblings names and ages: Zach (5) and Alex (5 weeks, 2 days)
Preschool? When/how often? No preschool.
Sleep/naps: No naps. Sad But sleeps from about 9 p- 8 a.
Favorite things to do: Play doll house in her room, play dress up, and dolls.
What one word best describes your Leapfrog? Attitude. Beee
Future babies status (TTC/preventing/expecting/done): Done for now but undecided on making it more permanent.
How are YOU? Good but tired.
Future plans: Going back to school as soon as Alex is weaned! Smile
Recent pictures:

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Leapfrog's Name: Micaiah
Birthday: 2/14
Height and Weight: About 33-34lbs and 38 inches
Clothing and shoe sizes: Mostly 3T and 4T, shoe size 8
Potty training status: I think I can finally say we are potty trained! Rewards are all but gone. He has occasional accidents and is nowhere near night trained but he can pretty much go by himself and wash his hands and everything. The next hurdle is standing up to pee. Why are boys so complicated?
Siblings names and ages: Noel - 18 months
Preschool? When/how often? We are doing some stuff at home for about 30-45 minutes 3x a week. I'd like to add some more to our schedule bit by bit.
Sleep/naps: Sleeps 8-7, naps maybe once a week but almost always has an hour quiet/rest time in his room.
Favorite things to do: Build things, play with his trains and cars.
Favorite tv/show movie: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Lady and the Tramp
What one word best describes your Leapfrog? Friendly. He is always talking to people when we're out and is generally really happy.
Future babies status (TTC/preventing/expecting/done): Preventing although I'm getting baby fever but I know we should wait another year or so before we start trying.
How are YOU? Good! Glad that school is back in session so our days are a bit more scheduled. Sort of open to some part time work where I could take the kids but just haven't found it yet. Involved in two Bible studies, some mom groups and a fitness class so it all keeps me busy!
Future plans: DH isn't content here so we will probably be moving somewhere north in the next few years. I'm getting itchy to really settle in a place we both like and for him to have a better paying job so we can live a bit more comfortably and be able to save more.
Recent pictures:

Watching Lady and the Tramp

Showing off the car he made

Ready for our long trip back home from NJ

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Can't wait till our playdate, Vicki! Smile

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Leapfrog's Name: Alex
Birthday: 1/21/08
Height and Weight: 36 inches 33lbs
Clothing and shoe sizes: 3t and 8.5
Potty training status: poops in pants still, but he gets hugely constipated to the point where he doesnt go for over 7 days sometimes and time for enemas so I dont complain or scold him when this happens. also havent started nighttime yet as he has very few days where he wakes up dry...
Siblings names and ages: none. expecting May 2012
Preschool? When/how often? none this yr, will next yr
Sleep/naps: still 1 nap a day for 2 hrs
Favorite things to do: play thomas, trucks, read
Favorite tv/show movie: chuggington, caillou
What one word best describes your Leapfrog? talkative
Future babies status (TTC/preventing/expecting/done): next yr
How are YOU? good.
Future plans: just to have his sister/brother and recover healthy
Recent pictures:

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Leapfrog's Name: Rhys

Birthday: 15/2

Height and Weight: no idea...

Clothing and shoe sizes: 3-4 in clothes, 7 in shoes

Potty training status: completely done, day and night. We had one overnight accident about a month ago but he was sick at the time so not suprising otherwise he night trained straight up no issues at all, much easier than his sister!

Siblings names and ages: Maddilyn, 5.5

Preschool? When/how often? Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Sleep/naps: None, has a little sleep in the car or a rest on the lounge/floor every now and again but no scheduled sleeps anymore.

Favorite things to do: playdough, digging in the sandpit and trucks

Favorite tv/show movie: changes all the time, favourite movie right now is Monsters Inc.

What one word best describes your Leapfrog? Chatterbox

Future babies status (TTC/preventing/expecting/done): Done. Hubby has had a vasectomy, no more here.

How are YOU? pretty good Smile just got over a horrible flu of some sort (everyone had it) but now that everyone is recovered life is hectic but good.

Future plans: We're expanding our businesses and hoping to get a studio for the photography side of things. We just registered a new business name for photography/photoshop training courses which will be an interesting new way to use my teaching degree! Hoping to buy a house in a couple of years too.

Recent pictures:
He put his tooth through his lip before this photos hence the red spots, I was going to edit it out but decided against in these ones that are just for us

Being the shop keeper and selling me fruit Smile

One of the Midge

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Leapfrog's Name:Natalie
Height and Weight:not really sure
Clothing and shoe sizes:4T in shirts 2T/3T in pants 8.5 in shoes
Potty training status:She is day trained, but still wets at nap and bedtime
Siblings names and ages:none
Preschool? When/how often?no real preschool, but she goes to daycare three days a week and they have some preschool curriculum that they follow
Sleep/naps:sleeps from 8pm-7am, and naps last around an hour
Favorite things to do:read stories, and play with stuffed animals and her tea set
Favorite tv/show movie: her favorite movie is Tinkerbell
What one word best describes your Leapfrog?independant
Future babies status (TTC/preventing/expecting/done):expecting in January, and then after that we are done and DH is getting snipped.
How are YOU?Good but busy with work and Natalie, and having really bad sciatic pain,
Future plans:Starting in end of December I am going back to being a SAHM and I am really looking forward to it.
Recent pictures:Sorry I deleted my photobucket account because I really wasn't using it anymore, so no way to easily get pictures on here

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congrats Christine Smile there are so many new babies and pregnant ladies around here it's enough to make me a little bit clucky!

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Leapfrog's Name: Zachariah
Birthday: Jan 25
Height and Weight: 35.4 pounds and 39 inches (we were just at the doc friday)
Clothing and shoe sizes: 5T shirts and 3-4T pants, shoes 9-10
Potty training status: daytime trained, nighttime pull-ups (BTW, the new huggies slip on diapers work better than pull-ups for us because the waist is higher so less pee out the top)
Siblings names and ages: Theo is 5, turning 6 in Nov. and just started kindergarten!
Preschool? When/how often? nope
Sleep/naps: rarely naps due to Theo's school pick-up time. But sleeps 7pm to 6:30 am Smile
Favorite things to do: build wooden train tracks, play with Theo (he really misses him when he is at school)
Favorite tv/show movie: Word World, Cat in the Hat, Dinosaur Train
What one word best describes your Leapfrog? Stubborn!
Future babies status (TTC/preventing/expecting/done): TTC, just letting it happen, not charting or anything
How are YOU? I have been sick most of September with a cold, but had a great bday recently and got to spend it with my mom and go shopping kid free Smile
Future plans: Hoping to take a mini 2 day vacation from the kids with dh for our 9th anniversary (since on our 10th we hope to have a newborn)
Recent pictures: Don't have any on the computer, but will try to put some new ones in my siggy soon.

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Stephanie, we LOVE the slip-on dipes! I was having to get the nighttime pull ups or use cloth, which he was just soaking through constantly but then the slip-ons came out and I got so many awesome deals and he loves putting Tigger on every night!

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Leapfrog's Name: Jocelyn
Birthday: 2-28
Height and Weight: 41.25 inch 41lb
Clothing and shoe sizes: girls size 5/sm shoe size 11
Potty training status: done, out of pullups at night too
Siblings names and ages: [COLOR=black]Addisyn Jade 2weeks[/COLOR]
Preschool? When/how often? 3days a week 2.5 hrs
Sleep/naps: sometimes, when they do they are still 3hrs, she just don't want to stop totake them
Favorite things to do: paint
Favorite tv/show movie: cars movie
What one word best describes your Leapfrog? sassy
Future babies status (TTC/preventing/expecting/done): preventing Wink may not be done.
How are YOU? great! i love my daughters
Future plans:trying to figure out what i want to do with my life(besides sahm that i don't think will ever be possible) looking into different adult career colleges and programs
Recent pictures
sorry the first one is so big, i resized them both the same but for some reason it didn't stick.

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Leapfrog's Name: Miranda
Birthday: 2/27/09
Height and Weight: 36 lbs, 43"
Clothing and shoe sizes: 4T, some 5T - shoe size 11 :eek:
Potty training status: Completely trained day & night
Siblings names and ages: Ryan 21, Melissa 19, Samantha 16, Cheyenne 14, Delaney (almost 1)
Preschool? When/how often? Yes! M-Th for 2.5hrs/a day and she gets to ride the bus
Sleep/naps: Naps are only if she falls asleep in the car
Favorite things to do: playing in the dirt, puzzles
Favorite tv/show movie: Still loves Spongebob, likes Thundercats and PowerPuff Girls
What one word best describes your Leapfrog? Firecracker
Future babies status (TTC/preventing/expecting/done): DONE! DONE! DONE! Did I say DONE....lol....got my tubes tied after I had Delaney.
How are YOU? busy, busy, busy....very overwhelmed. Hoping things slow down....
Future plans: IDK...get our moving company going great so I can quit my job and work only 1 job....I'm being pulled in 10 directions right now.
Recent pictures: to come.....when I get home and can post some...

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Leapfrog's Name: Jacob
Birthday: 2/12/2008
Height and Weight: 30 lbs, 36"
Clothing and shoe sizes: 2T some 18-24 months - shoe size 8
Potty training status: Completely trained day & night
Siblings names and ages: Rheneas (20 months)
Preschool? When/how often? Yes! M-Th afternoons for 2.5hrs
Sleep/naps: Not very often, but sometimes falls asleep in the car or stroller
Favorite things to do: playing with cars and mighty machines
Favorite tv/show movie: Babar and the adventures of Badoo and Winnie the Pooh
What one word best describes your Leapfrog? Chatterbox
Future babies status (TTC/preventing/expecting/done): Pregnant with #3 due in May
How are YOU? exhausted! Busy being Jacob's preschool Chauffer while trying to keep Rheneas happy and make sure my house doesn't fall apart
Future plans: None really, hopefully raise happy healthy children.

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Leapfrog's Name: Lillian
Birthday: 2/7/08
Height and Weight: roughly 42 pounds and about 42 inches tall
Clothing and shoe sizes: 5t and size 11 shoes ( My kid apparently has HUGE feet)
Potty training status: Old news for us, panties round the clock
Siblings names and ages: Molly, 6 months
Preschool? When/how often? T and Th mornings for 2 hours
Sleep/naps: HAHAHAHA that is funny, none
Favorite things to do: play mommy and baby
Favorite tv/show movie: My Little Ponies
What one word best describes your Leapfrog? Chatty
Future babies status (TTC/preventing/expecting/done): Preventing and pretty sure we are done
How are YOU? Not enough room to answer this here...
Future plans: Enjoy my time home with my girls!

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Hi Ladies! It's me Kelly, but this looks like an old account. It's been way too long! I have been locked out but now I am back Smile I just love reading everyone's updates Smile

Leapfrog's Name: Skyla Helen
Birthday: 2-2-08
Height and Weight: about 40 inches and probably close to 40 pounds!
Clothing and shoe sizes: 4T,5T and size 10
Potty training status: totally potty trained even at night -yay!!! Now it is time to start with my son, he he!
Siblings names and ages: Ty- just turned 2 years old in September!
Preschool? When/how often? She goes two days a week from 8-12:30 and has been going there since she was 2 years old! It has been wonderful for us and she just loves it there!
Sleep/naps: not any more, she says big girls don't take naps anymore Sad Luckily Ty still love his naps!
Favorite things to do: She loves swimming and playing with her brother!
Favorite tv/show movie: we don't watch much TV but she loves Nick Jr!
What one word best describes your Leapfrog? she is a very sweet girl and a great big sister!
Future babies status (TTC/preventing/expecting/done): Pretty sure we are done! I have an IUD right now and that is working great soo far! We would love more but we don't have the money or space in our home!
How are YOU? I am pretty good! I went back to work teaching and my husand is now the stay at home dad since he got laid off last year. Sad Money has been really tight but we also get to spend more time together as a family. My kids are happy and healthy so I am happy too!
Future plans: Hopefully my husband finds a good job soon! The holidays will be hard since the passing of my mom last year but I want to make them really special for my kids.
Recent pictures: of course Smile

my kids loving their bath together!

Here is a picture with the kids and I at our local pumpkin patch

Here is a picture of our family:

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Leapfrog's Name: Noah

Birthday: Jan. 12

Height and Weight: 40inches and probably around 37lbs

Clothing and shoe sizes: 5 for clothing and 9 for shoes

Potty training status: done since the early part of the spring

Siblings names and ages: Bella 2years

Preschool? When/how often? Tues and Thrus morning for 2.5 hours

Sleep/naps: He still doesn't sleep all night usually gets up once to pee and doesn't nap unless he is really tired, sick or in the car

Favorite things to do: play cars and super heros, color

Favorite tv/show movie: Cars 2, Mike the knight, The Grinch

What one word best describes your Leapfrog? Independant... he always wants to do everything himself we rarely help him anymore

Future babies status (TTC/preventing/expecting/done): Unsure Sad I'm having baby fever really bad since Bella turned 2 DH finally said yes that he would like one more but it may not be for 2 years once Bella is in school and we don't have to pay as much for childcare.

How are YOU? Pretty Good. I spent the summer starting to do photography again so I am hoping that will keep me busy over the winter

Future plans: Not really anything we are planning on buying a house and doing so traveling but it all depends on if and when we have another baby.

Recent pictures: I don't use photo bucket anymore so I have none