Leaving your Child

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Leaving your Child

Does anyone else have problems leaving their 3 year old somewhere? M has the worst time when I leave him in a childcare-type situation. He used to do it everywhere but now he willingly goes to Sunday School. However, I go to two other churches once a week for exercising and Bible study. One of them he HATES going to. I have no idea why; he always has fun after I leave him but when I take him, he pulls against me and doesn't want to go in, holds onto my leg, stands at the door, etc. And he's super-rude to the workers who are trying to be happy to see him, etc. Today was really bad and I was stressing about it afterward.
Any tips? I try to talk to him ahead of time and tell him I'll be back and not to be afraid. Today I had to take him out and discipline him twice before he would actually walk in the classroom without me dragging him. I ended up carrying him to a chair to sit in.

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I dont really have any tips on what to do as Alex is usually pretty good at going different places and we leaving him, we explain that hes staying somewhere for a little bit, and we'll be back and thats that, sometimes he throws a fit, whining and etc that he doesnt want to do something and based on my mood or willingness to fight him, I do bribe him by saying we'll go see a friend, or ill get him reeces or a new book if hes good the whole time, which works. I know a lot of people dont like to do that, but sometimes the situation calls for it. But Alex is really social so he loves new people.

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Zoey still has problems and up until about two years ago, so did Zach. It was just something they had to outgrow and I would usually stay with them until they got used to it.

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Noah does sometimes we have had to switch babysitters a few time and it took him a few months to adjust. I think the main thing is to not let them see you get upset and they will be fine and they are usually fine 2 minutes after you leave. When Noah started preschool the teacher told us if he gets upsets leave him and call in 15 minutes to see how he is and I liked that idea but have never had to do it.