Let's share recent pictures of our Leapfrogs!

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Let's share recent pictures of our Leapfrogs!

Hey Everyone! Hope everyone is doing well! I have really been a lurker these days since I started back to work but I hope to be on here more during the summer. I thought it would be fun to share pictures of our Leapfrogs and their siblings too Smile

Here is a recent picture of us that I thought turned out pretty good, well except for my bra showing, lol!

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Here are Zach and Zoey dancing (I had scrunched Zoey's hair into little ringlets):

and here's baby Alex:

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I have issues trying to upload pictures lately, but my brother and SIL took some really cute pictures of my kids back in December (not very recent, but they haven't really changed too much, except for haircuts--Tehani has bangs now, and Teio's hair is shorter, and he doesn't have the curls up here--the humidity in Florida really activated his curl) and they are on their photography blog, here: http://jcphotographyutah.blogspot.com/2011/01/christmas-in-florida.html

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Kelly, that's a beautiful picture of you guys!
Brooke, our Cozy Coupe looks just like Paxton's - missing gas cap and all!
Becca, your kids are so cute and your belly is adorable!
Brittany, glad you shared that link, it's been awhile since I've seen pics of your kiddos.

Here are some of ours:
Micaiah at the zoo. He really enjoyed it this time around. It was fun to watch him look at all the animals.

Watching the yellow python

Posing with his new hat


Watching TV naked Smile

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Hi all! *waves* It's been too long.....miss you all tho.

From last night....

Delaney & Marley

Happy Girl!

Loving up Delaney....

Just had to share this one Smile

Big Smiles

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They're all growing up so fast, crazy how time flies.

Rhys complete with a fat lip from trying to stop himself sliding across the pavers at the park with his face - not the best idea! now he's on antibiotics for an infected lip where his teeth cut it Sad but it's getting better.

Maddi at a recent commercial shoot, a woman on facebook made this hairclip and a matching necklace for her in exchange for photos

it's nice to see some new photos, I haven't seen some of these little faces is so long!

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they are all looking so big!

here's a couple of my recent favs. sorry they are both on my front porch. LOL. one is after playing in the sprinkler and the other is painting on the porch

sorry about the size. i did resize them on photobucket, but for some reason it didn't take, ohwell!