"my butt hurts when i poop" maybe tmi

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"my butt hurts when i poop" maybe tmi

or at least that is what J says often. yesterday it took her 3 trips to the potty to pass her poop and each trip she would say it hurt. after nothing, she'd get down, play a bit, and decide to go back. granite, it's not that bad everytime, but she does say that every couple days or so. her stools are usually hard, sometimes they seem big for her size. rarely do they cause bleeding

is this something i should call the pedi for specially or mention it next time we take her be it for an illness or her next checkup.

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Noah does that every once and a while sometimes more that others we usually just increase food and drinks in his diet that make it easier for him to go.

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it sounds like maybe she is a little constipated. try giving her a bit more fibre...bran muffin or a bran cookie....my LO love fibre one bars. good luck!

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I would make sure she is drinking enough water and also give her some extra fruit. Blueberries are great or the canned mandarin oranges. If she insists on crackery items, try graham crackers. I know Zach always wants to eat carbs like crackers/animal crackers on the go, which contributes to the promblem. My kids also both love the Yo Plus yogurt, it comes in a 4 pack and is yogurt with extra fiber. I have tasted it and it is really good.