Obsession with poop and pee

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Obsession with poop and pee

I am not sure if this is normal but M has been potty trained since octoberish and hasn't had an accident since at least october ., Once he got it he got it . Then he has been trained through the night for about a month and a half or so . He had this thing for a while where he wanted to wear diaper . so i put the them high out of reach for a few weeks and it stopped. Lately though he has taken to pooping and peeing PURPOSELY on the floor. It's driving me nut. I know he is cause it's always behind something or has been covered up with a box ( we are in the middle of moving ) so i'll kick the empty box out of the way and it scrapes the poop across the floor . SO know i've taken to picking them up just in case . He will do it in the bedroom when he suppose to have quiet time or nap time ( he is getting out of the nap stage now) and then play with it .. What should i do? I have made him clean it up sat him on time out.. took away his movie privileges .. I am at a loss... I just don't get it and I'm sick of his obession with bodily functions. I know that there's an exploratoty (sp) stage but this it just a little much . Any tips . pulling my hair out here.

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oh wow! poor mama! i'm sorry i don't really have anything to offer you. i don't know if time out would work. you would have to see him do it and do time out rright away. ask the pedi, maybe they have some behavioral advice for you.

good luck and kup!