potty training backsliding

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potty training backsliding

Tehani (finally) potty trained a week and a half ago. I had tried a few times before that, but had no luck getting her to actually acknowledge when she needed to go, and trying to take her on a schedule didn't work either. I heard someone at church mention that with her kids, she would use the underwear with characters on it, and that would motivate them to keep them dry, so I let her choose the character underwear she wanted, and she did really awesome the first day. She has been doing pretty well since then, with some days with no pee accidents, and some days with only 1, though I can't get her to go #2 in the potty--she just goes in her panties, and I don't understand why. Yesterday, we were out and about quite a bit (went to playgroup at the park and her ballet class), so I ended up taking her to the potty and telling her to try to go most of the day, instead of letting her decide when she needed to go. I'm afraid I may have interfered with something, because she has not gone to the potty at all today and has just gone in her underwear all day. I did a sticker chart the first day, where I gave her 1 sticker for being dry, 1 for sitting on the potty, and 1 for actually going, and I started out checking her and giving stickers every 30 min, and as the day went on, I did it less often since she was doing well. I wonder if I maybe need to try the stickers again to get her back on track? Anyone here had a child backslide in potty training?

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We have tried with Zach and at first he does good, and then starts having accidents. I think with him, he has it in the forefront of his thoughts and then slowly forgets since it isn't new anymore. He gets busy with other stuff and the diaper habit just comes back. Like he forgets he is wearing underwear. I hope that makes sense.

Maybe the sticker chart again would be a good reminder to keep it on her mind again. I know my kids just really love to be encouraged with cheers and clapping (even though I feel silly, the things we do for our kids ;))

Good Luck!

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Thanks, Stephanie, I'm glad to know my kid is not the only one doing this. I might try the stickers again if she doesn't get back into it today with just being reminded.

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Hi Brittany! We have had one heck of a time getting DD to use the potty. She will do #1 but only when asked/prompted, and absolutely refuses to do #2 on the potty. At Christmas, DH and I went away for a week and she stayed with grandparents who are retired and had the whole day/week to work on training with her....they did a great job and she was almost there, but as soon as DH and I came back home and got back into our work week/busy weekend routines, we all just slipped back.

It's really frustrating...I guess I don't really have any answers for you, just hang in there and know that you are not the only one!!!

They will figure out this potty thing eventually.

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Brittany, our son is a hard trainer too. I find that he slips when I stop rewarding him as much. We started with one M&M every time he peed and 2 when he pooped. Now we are down to getting 2 M&Ms when he tells us he needs to poop and goes,, keeping his underwear totally dry. I want to get away from giving him so much candy and now he does okay w/ getting it only when he poops.
Anyway, it's pretty much been one step forward and two steps back with us. I just have to keep encouraging him and step up the rewards if he slacks off. Sometimes it's just a day though, he has pee accidents all day but then the next day he's back on track.
Hang in there, I know how tough it can be!