So I POAS...

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So I POAS...

I have been feeling a little sick lately. This past weekend I was having tummy problems; it seemed like the cereal I ate didn't sit well with me but even after getting sick my stomach was cramping all day.
Then yesterday I had a clogged duct and felt crummy from that.
So I wrote an email to DH about the fact that I was feeling sick and wasn't planning on going to Bible study last night. I mentioned the fact that I "don't think I'm pregnant but it's starting to make me wonder." Less than 30 minutes later I get a call from him, telling me to pick up a preg. test to ease his mind. He ended up getting one and I waited until this morning to take it. I'm telling you, he was SO stressed out about it! FTR, it was negative. Wink Did I have you going?
When I told him this morning, he felt SO much better and was hugging me. I mean, I don't really want another one right now, but I didn't realize how much DH does NOT want another one right now. He said he wants to get some of his issues worked out first. He was like "Make sure we ALWAYS use protection okay?!" ROFL It was kind of funny to see, since I was 90% sure I wasn't pregnant based on how I was feeling but of course he had no idea.

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You had me stinker!!

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you got me too!

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you had me going there for a minute to !!

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you got me too!!! that's great that you were both relieved! thought i thought we were going to have another leapfrog mom on the prego list.

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You totally had me going! Smile My DH would be exactly the same way, FTR!

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i had to read the whole thing, lol.

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You had me!!!
Congratulations on NOT being pregnant Wink