T&P for my friend

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T&P for my friend

A friend of mine from elementary and high school and her family could use some thoughts and prayers right now. She had her second child last monday, a little boy named Bronson. She has a daughter who is one. on thursday, at 4 days old, Bronson was diagnosed with bi-lateral neuroblastoma, which the doctors told them has only ever had 45 cases known. his liver is 4x the size it should be and has greatly impacted his breathing. yesterday at 5 days old, little Bronson started his first round of chemo. My friend is holding up well considering, but she is no stranger to cancer, her mother died 20 years ago and her husband was diagnosed 4 years ago, one month before their wedding. He has since been treated and cleared. they need all the thoughts and prayers they can get for their little boy.


they started a facebook group, Im not sure if the link will work, but if it doesnt, search Baby Boy Bronson and it will come up.

Thanks everyone

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that is terrible. definately will send thoughts and prayers for their family and for him.

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Oh my! I will be thinking of him, I can't imagine chemo at 5 days old. Sad

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I"m so sorry for her....T&P for her and her family.

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oh how horrible Sad thinking of them x