Types of drinks

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Types of drinks

Lately I've been changing up Micaiah's drinks for his meals. He almost always just gets water in between meals and up to a couple weeks ago he was just getting milk with his meals but since the cost of milk keeps rising, I've been giving him juice instead. How much milk/juice/water do your kids get and when?

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Aiden gets a good mixture of milk and juice. He always gets water after about 9pm, but we tend to let him choose what he wants for meals. He sometimes will just ask for water, but we just kind of go with what he thinks he needs. We don't let him have soda at all, and he gets gatorade or something similar from time to time as well.

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He sometimes drinks a glass of apple juice or milk when he gets to daycare-its a smaller glass so Id say prob 5oz or so...I believe he has a glass of milk w his lunch also. After I pick him up he usually drinks OJ, usually a tall glass for supper, then he usually drinks water or more oj before bedtime also, he loves oj and w him alone we go thru a carton in 6 days usually, sometimes when we go out to eat he will drink pop or chocolate milk.

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Jacob has milk at meals and water at snacks. At preschool he has various things, juices, goats milk, soy milk, cow's milk etc. That's once a day 4 days a week. So I would say he drinks 3 glasses of milk a day + whatever he has at preschool. I was not happy when I found out preschool was serving juice as I don't think it has much nutritional value but I don't want to have him feel excluded either by forcing him not to have a drink at preschool. Given the choice, he will drink milk 9 times out of 10.

Oh, and I agree, milk is really expensive these days. It costs us $7.99 for 4 Litres (which is the same size as 1 gallon) We go through 8-10 litres a week, so in a week we spend at least $16 on milk.

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Kristin, I'm SO sorry it's so expensive for you! Our is (only) $3.50-$4/gal here and I am able to buy some with coupons that make it .50-$1/gal. I guess I shouldn't be complaining!
For the longest time, M never drank juice but he started drinking it more and more when we visited other people. Now that I allow him to have it, I feel like he doesn't over gorge himself when we're away. Smile And I only serve him 100% no sugar added juice.

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My doctor has Hayden on a dairy free diet for a month to see if she has a dairy allergy. So she gets water, orange juice, apple juice or V8 Fusion. The v8 she loves and it has veggies. 1.5 weeks into her diet change and she is a different child. Interacts with people more, plays well and no tantrums and sleeps better.
She's still not talking but she's TRYING to form words and sounds now that she didn't before when she was eating/ drinking dairy. It's amazing the difference in her.

Pax still gets milk but he loves his veggie v8 juice too.