Update on Us (Prayers Needed)

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Update on Us (Prayers Needed)

Hey girls, thought I would post an update here and a prayer request.
DH and I have been going through a really rough time within the past few weeks and I could use some prayer for our marriage. I think we're over the hardest part, but we (DH) still have a lot to work through to get past what has happened. To summarize, DH basically is very discontent with his life here and has been for awhile - especially his job, where we are living, lack of friends here, etc. However it recently escalated to include me and the kids too. We have both been in contact with our church leaders and DH met with them a couple days ago and that's when he had a breakthrough. Prayers that he would start to have hope in the life he has with us, that he would try in our marriage b/c he said he hasn't been trying for a long time, and that if God wants us to relocate he would make that clear as well.
Feel free to PM if you want more details, but that's what's been going on here.

Oh, and next weekend I've booked 2 nights in a B&B in Asheville for our anniversary. We will be leaving the kiddos w/ my parents for the first time. I really hope that this is a healing trip and that we grow closer through it.
Thanks for listening!

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Im sorry to hear of this and I hope he gets the healing, direction he needs to go in order to get help. I do think the B&B Is a excellent idea esp w not taking the kiddos, that way you two can spend some quality time alone and talk. I hope its a good weekend for you guys.

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I'm sorry to hear things aren't going well and I hope they improved. I think your trip to the B&B is a great idea! Sometimes some time away from the kids is very helpful in a marriage. I am thinking about you guys.

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im so sorry that you are going through this, it is so hard. especially if you are not around friends and family. I think the B&B will be great for the two of you. dh and I just spent three days away without kids and it felt great to be alone and you kind of find that spark again. marriage, kids, mortgages, work, bills etc is all so stressful. prayers that everything works out for you two (four)

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I'm so sorry Vicki, that sounds pretty tough Sad I hope he can sort through it all and your time away from the kids and the day to day gets you back on track. Kids are tough on a marriage, especially when they're still so young, you both need that time to reconnect with each other and find yourselves as people and husband and wife again (not just mum and dad). Thinking of you.

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It is so important to get time away and reconnect....I really felt DH & I needed the same thing and we took our Vegas trip. It did help alot. We NEVER get alone time.

I'm sorry you are going through tough times....marriage is no easy task. :openarms: We have had our share of issues too.

Lots of love.....

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I hope the time away does you guys good and your church leaders can help. my DH and I have recently been having issues since adding a 2nd child, so I can understand :bigarmhug:

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hugs! it sounds like you both want things to improve and that's the first step. the weekend at the BandB is probably what you need. prayers to you that you can get the amends you need. hugs!

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I'm sorry, Vicki! :openarms: I hope that this weekend is just the thing that you need! Spending some alone time together is a great idea.