Where is everyone? Update on us.

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Where is everyone? Update on us.

Are we all forgetting to log in now that our little ones are taking up so much time?

Julia is on vacation with my parents and uncle now. They took her to Portugal and will be taking her to Spain as well. They will be gone until March 26th!! It is nice to be able to give Emily more attention though.

Julia likes to sing and talk and she is really, really into princesses (where did that come from?!!?).

However, we seem to have an issue with temper tantrums. She will get upset over the stupidest thing, like giving her water in one cup instead of another and then it will turn into a full-blown tantrum. Do your kids still have them? How do you deal with them? We do time-outs, but I'm not sure how well they are working....

On a brighter note, here is a video of her cooking and singing:

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How precious!!! That video is super cute! Smile Thanks for sharing. Sounds like she's doing great.

At 4, Aiden has started being more defiant and arguing and getting more easily upset than he ever has. We've used time outs, but they don't always seem sufficient anymore. We've also started taking away some of his favorite things (Wii, time on the computer, favorite toys), and that's had a stronger effect on him. Hope you figure out something. It can be so frustrating when little ones start having tantrum issues like that.

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Hey! Nice to see you are on vacation and I bet its fun! Yes, Alex throws tantrums over stupid stuff, I Tell him to stop and save his tearss for something that matters, and he usually calms down quick when i say that and looks at the remedy to it instead of just crying. Kids...so anal! But they are fun, ever going, never stopping!! And when we hit 4, he is being more defiant also as pp said, testing limits, bossing, hitting to show frustation/anger...and we do the same, no tv for a few hrs, no leapster, if he does something as we are getting ready for bed, its straight to bed no books or cuddling in mommys bed....i think 4 is the worst age yet!

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Zoey totally throws tantrums... I think it's a three year old thing and they are just now getting out of those 3's. She is a bit more dramatic about it than my son was (she can turn on the tears WHENEVER, WHEREVER, she wants!) but over the same things: she didn't want to wear that, she didn't want that cup, she didn't want that food, she wanted to go there not here, etc.