Anyone up for a visitor?

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Anyone up for a visitor?

Good afternoon Ladies! It has been sooooooo long since i've been on these boards. I have been so super extremely busy with LIFE that online time don't happen as much anymore. Just on my phone Smile

Lots have been going on since our babies have turned 2....

I started a new position w/ the company that I work for as a Business Analyst. This is what I studied in school, so I love the opportunity.

DH will be starting school again in the fall on his GI bill. He's so excited! He will be leaving his job in August so he can focus on school full time. So no plans for Baby #2 here yet!

Besides, Ava demands so much attention - I don't know how I can even think about another child. We have been going through so much with her. In March, she was finally given a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. She has a dystonic form of it, so it deals w/ her muscle tone & it's a result of what happened to her when she was born. I have really been struggling coming to grips with it but I have to be strong and support my baby. A big reason as well why I haven't been posting as much anymore here (on top of being super busy) is I'm having a hard time watching other 2 year olds being normal 2 year olds.

Ava still is not sitting on her own yet. She's walking away in her gait trainer & doing so well in it (see siggy pic). She's now getting 6 therapies a week. Through the county EI program she's still receiving DV, OT & PT. We've now added speech. Her physical delay is preventing her from talking, but she is smart & can identify people & objects with eye gazing. Also through the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, she's getting PT & OT from them too. So she's quite the busy one!

We've recently had another swallow study done and we found some small aspiration of her food going on. So we're still bottle feeding, and her solids HAVE to stay at a stage 2 consistency. What seems to be happening is food residue is lingering then going down the wrong pipe. She is gaining weight some, and they are leaving me go about talking me into that dang g-tube. Ava is now 22 lbs 4 oz. So progress! Yay!

I hope that all is well with you guys. Since I don't get on here as much, you can def find me on Facebook or email me at [email][/email]. My net time is via my phone anymore. I hope all is well with you & all of your babies Smile :)

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Wow, you have been busy! Sounds like things are going well for you at work, and glad your DH is excited about school. I'm sorry to hear about Ava's diagnosis. That must be hard, although maybe good to finally have an official diagnosis and know what you are dealing with. While of course I can't understand what it is like to go through this, I can understand how seeing other 2 year old's would be hard.
My DH has a cousin with Cerebral Palsy who downhill skiis, I might be remembering wrong, but I think he actually competes in races and such. He is an inspiring guy, in any case, he really has done his best (and his parents did their best to teach him) not to let it get in his way. I know every case is different, but she will make progress, and having a great mom like you who is so dedicated to her will make a huge difference. She will only continue to get stronger--and she is already about as cute as it is possible for a kid to be! Love the Steelers outfit in your pic. Thanks for the update.

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It's so good to hear from you!! I was just thinking about Ava last week and wondering how she was doing.

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Oh Lauren. I have no words. Ava is truly a miracle and it is VERY obvious that she is loved.

Don't hesitate to keep us updated as you find need. I follow you a bit on FB, but somehow had missed her diagnosis.


Keep strong, momma!!!

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I've made mention of her diagnosis on FB, but haven't "announced" it per se. Smile It was hard to me to announce & some people can be judgemental so I kept it to myself for the most part.

You ladies are like family & you've prayed so much for us as we've gone through this ordeal. Love you all & thanks again Smile Great hearing from you guys!