Ashly's in hospital. (Mommyin04060809)

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Ashly's in hospital. (Mommyin04060809)

Hey guys.. so I know some of you have Ashly on your friends lists on FB, and I know some of you have her Hubby as a friend as well.

I posted this on the Jan 12 board earlier, but didn't have time to cross post it here.

So here's the link.

She's having surgery today.

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Thanks for the update - keeping Ashley and baby Carolina in my prayers!

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Sorry to hear this. Sounds like she is doing OK and the baby is doing great, but still not a fun thing to have to go through.

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TG everything looks great, thank you for letting us know Janelle! I am friends with Ashly on FB but not her dh so I had NO idea! She is such a sweetheart, and she has waited so long for this babe, I so hope everything stays good with this lo!

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Just read the thread on the other board. Glad to hear you're home Ashly, and hope you're feeling better soon! Stay put Carolina!

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Ashly is doing better! Had a post op OB appointment today.