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I'm just curious, who is using full sized bedding with their kids. I still am using crib sized blankets in Natalie's bed and am wondering if should transition her over to some full sized blankets. I know it's not a necessary but with warm weather coming it would be nice to let her sleep in something a little cooler then the blankets she has, and all the light weight stuff we have is full sized.

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Eli hates his toddler bed and sleeps with his big sister in her twin sized bed. They each have their own twin sized duvet.

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Makenna has twin sized Dora sheets and comforter.

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We switched G from his toddler bed to a set of bunkbeds we had handed down to us, and he loves it. In the toddler bed, he still had baby blankets. Once we switched to the bunkbeds, it just made sense to start using twin size bedding. He actually seems to sleep a lot better and he keeps his blankets on better at night now. I've never checked on him and found him tangled up or upside down or with them over his head or anything. It seems to be safe enough. I also assumed he would fall out of his bed at some point, so for a month I put his crib mattress on the floor by the bed, but he's never fallen out. Turns out he really does have "edge sense" while he's sleeping.

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Ezra went straight from his porta-crib to a twin sized bed. He doesn't really use the top sheet yet, though, he still prefers a baby blanket.

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We moved Joe to a twin sized bed for his second birthday- and using twin sheets and comofrter - never been a problem...

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H went into a twin size bed 2 months before her 2nd birthday, and we started using real bedding almost right away. Top and bottom sheets along with a comforter ( or light blanket in summer).