This board needs some excitement!

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This board needs some excitement!

Would this help: I got a BFP this a.m.!!!!! I'm so excited, but also a bit shocked. I mean, we were trying, but WOAH. Now it's for real. The 2 kids thing is happening. Yippee!!!

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SWEET! congrats!

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Yes it does and that is GREAT!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!! I said on your bb that I am stalking you now!! I hope you won't mind!

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Ahh!! That's awesome, Maggie!! Congratulations!

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Yahoo!!!!! Yahoo

That's great news! Yahoo

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congrats Maggie....totally stalking you now LOL Smile

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WOW! Congrats....depending on my test results later in the week - I may be joinging you!

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Congratulations Maggie Smile Wishes for a HH9M to you!

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WooHoo! Congrats!

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Congratulations, Maggie!

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Thanks ladies! So far so good. I'm due July 2. Griffin was born on inauguration day, and this baby may come on independence day;)

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