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Disney Characters

I saw in the Birth Month check in someone mentioned their daughters favourite princess. It makes me wonder, what is your son/daughters favourite Disney character and have the seen the movie with that character?

Natalie changes her mind a lot, though she does favour the princesses over other characters. I'd say her favourite is Princess Aurora, yes she's seen Sleeping Beauty, I think she likes the Aurora most cause her dress is pink. Natalie has several puzzles with princesses on them and can name every one.

I gave some of Dana's old Barbies to Natalie a couple of days ago, some Disney Characters, and she really likes the Beast, even wanted to sleep with him last night, I don't allow hard toys in bed so he sat on her toy chest all night and then traveled around the house with her this morning before she went to school.

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DS fav movie is Toy Story and Buzz and Woody are def. his fav characters

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Noah's favorite varies but I'd say Mickey has been fairly consistent. He's big into those new Octonauts right now though.

Lizzie is Minnie Mouse. Hands down. Her favorite princess is probably Belle since we just saw Beauty and the Beast.

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Makenna is into the Cars movies right now.