Do you see a line???

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Do you see a line???

I tested this morning and I think I see a second line! I REALLY want to be pregnant but I was afraid I wasn't because I haven't had any of my usual symptoms. Today is CD 29. Not sure of my exact O date because I don't chart or anything, but I think I'm around 13 DPO. AF should be due tomorrow.

So.....second line? Hard to get a picture.

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LOL, sorry dudes, I thought this was the November board. But you can have a look too! Smile

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ha ha I'm stalking you either way! Smile

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Congrats! And on behalf of just about everyone who has to try more than two months... I hate you! WinkLol

Can't wait to see that cute belly bump on you again. You truly are a lovely pregnant lady!


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Holy cow, Sandra!!! No question..... there is DEFINITELY a line!! YAHOOOOO! Smile :)

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There is no doubt there is a line!! Congratulations!!!!!

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Uh YA!!! I don't even have to squint to see that second line. Congrats!!

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Why YES, Yes I do!!!!

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I definitely see a line congrats!

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Yay! I see the line no problem. Smile Congrats to you. Can't wait to see some baby bump pics.

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I totally see a second line, no question!! Congrats and best of luck to you and the newest addition to your family!

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I see it!! Congrats!!

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YAYYYYY!!!! Definatly a line! CONGRATS!!!!

WOW - I haven't been on this board for like a month or two and all of a sudden EVERYONE is PREGGGOOOOOO!!!!!! :eek:

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Congrats, Sandra!!!! So happy for you!

And ditto what Jackie said....I haven't checked in for a while, and it seems everyone is preggo! I need to get my bootie in gear! Wink

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OMG Sandra - I feel so terrible that you have tonsilits AND are pregnant! The 1st week I had it lost 9 lbs b/c I could not swallow - so did not eat and only a few sips of water a day - ended up on pain meds just to drink / eat.... I PRAY PRAY PRAY you don't have it as bad.... did your Dr. give u any antibotics, not sure if that will go away on its own???

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Yep, I'm on meds to clear this up. I can barely someone tell my kids to stop being bad because I can't even scold them!

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Def a line! HH9M!

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I am super late on this but YEY! Congratulations!

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