Eli's Speech Assessment

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Eli's Speech Assessment

Eli and I met with a speech path this morning for 2 hours to have an assessment done. He's currently at the level of a 21 month old for communication, with some emerging skills up to 30 months. (He's 32 months right now)

Our next step is a hearing test and possibly a visit with a child psychologist (who will be able to give us a better idea of "what kind" of a learner he is, and the best ways to help influence his speech).

Thankfully the speech path said I am already intuitively doing many of the things she would recommend to help him progress (I use simple words and phrases, I'm expressive, I stress important words, etc)

I'm glad to get the ball rolling on this, as he is definitely behind.

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Glad you got some official answers on this. I look forward to hearing about his progress through the help you receive!!

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That's about where Noah was at that age and now his speech is actually a bit advanced. I hope the same for Eli!