Embarrassing....yet hilarious (TMI)

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Embarrassing....yet hilarious (TMI)

K I found this really funny, but it is kind of gross, so be warned!

Last Saturday I took DD for a walk, we were gone a few hours (stopped to play at the park) well on the way home, guess who showed up out of the blue? Yep AF. I don't track my periods, so I really had no idea SHE was going to show her face that day, or I would have used a pantyliner. Well we get home, and we both sit down to go potty, me on the big potty and Savanna on the little one.....well she is facing me, so she saw my panties, and said "Mama pooped her pants?" with a concerned look on her face. I said, "no mommy didn't poop her pants" she then looked at me and started giggling saying "YES! Mommy pooped her pants! Mommy pooped her pants!"


Is it possible to be embarrassed in your own home when there is no one else around? I really hope she doesn't tell her babysitter that Mommy pooped her pants LOL

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LOL! That's funny. Abby asked me if "that" (pointing to a liner" was my diaper.

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Oh no! How embarrassing! It is def possible to be embarrassed in our own homes. Sad

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Aren't two year olds fun? I had to change my tampon at the the community center the other day, Natalie noticed some blood in the toilet and said "Mommy pee's red" I just told her no and she seemed to be fine with dropping the subject.

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LOL - too funny....
and yes I would have been embarrassed too!

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LOL...Noah thinks that pads are big band aids.