Finally ditched the soother!

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Finally ditched the soother!

When Hailey was about 1, I started limiting her use of the soother to in the crib. So only bedtime and naps. Well, that continued for 2 years, a full year longer than I intended to let it! In the last 6 months, she has actually become more attached to it, and I am sure that if I had allowed it it would be in her mouth 24/7.

Well, with her turning 3 last week we decided that was is. We talked all week about the Sousi Fairy, and how she was going to come on Saturday and take the sousies away and take them to new babies who need them. That she would leave H a little present, and that we would go to the Build-a-Bear and she could pick whatever she wanted, a "Sousi Bear", for her to hug if she was sad about the sousies being gone. Every day we talked about it, and she was ok with it after the first day or so of talking. On Friday night I went out for a girls night, and DH decorated a box with H for the sousies. She kissed and hugged them all goodbye next morning and popped them in the box. We went out, and when we came home there was a movie in the box, and H had picked a kitty at the build-a-bear.

Nap time was....a little bit disastrous! But we were late too. She whined/cried on and off for about half an hour, and then only slept for 40 minutes. Bedtime was no problem, she didn't even mention them! Nap yesterday was fine, she asked for them once and fake whined for about 30 seconds and then slept her normal 2 hours.

I know we may have some bad days this week, but finally, WE ARE FREE!! Needless to say, I will be taking Audrey's away by 18 months!

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Yay! Congrats on a good transition! I know that must be a relief for you! Smile

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My DD had hers until she was 3 too - only supposed to be for sleeping, but she'd sneak it during the day, especially with a 18 month old brother! We got Eli off of his last summer though, when he was 2.5 - I didn't want him to have it still when Emerson arrived. He was SUPER attached to it, he'd have it in 24/7. After only about 3 bad days, we were fine, and after a week he never asked for it anymore. Now Emerson likes his Smile Haven't decided when to get rid of it! May depend on when we decide to have another baby!

What a relief for you to get rid of it! It always seems way scarier than it actually is.

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You know, it's funny. Our first didn't ditch his til 2.5, we replaced it with frozen teethers and called them binky pops. He got those instead of the binky's cause he was teething is molars and I got tired to throwing away cut binkys and replacing them. He didn't like the binky pops but tried them the first two nights. After that he was done.

Daniel, we said we were ditching it by 1 year.... hahahahahahah yeah right. Lol He ditched them about the same time frame as big brother did. But his was cold turkey. He had them for bed every night and one night he fought bed time so bad that he got mad and threw his binky at me. It made me mad and I realized he doesn't NEED it anymore. I took it and threw it away and he didn't get any more. It was a very MEAN way to go about it, but I felt he deserved it that night. Lol He never looked back, though.

Evie I am already thinking we are going to start limiting her binky use to crib only as soon as her first tooth comes in. She's been drooling and chewing like mad for over a month and her chomping has gotten a lot more frequent and painful (she's clamping HARD) so I expect that tooth to come in any day now. But she doesn't seem as attached to the binky as her brothers were, so I'm thinking it may not be an issue at all to limit it to crib use only.

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Nice! What a great tactic you used to get her to give them up semi-willingly. Sounds almost fun! Congrats on being soother-free.