Give me strength...

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Give me strength...

Whoever said that the 3's are worse than the 2's hit the nail on the head. We have a jekyll and hyde little girl here. Hailey can be the sweetest, most polite, funny, loving and well mannered child...but when she gets mad about something, she can turn into a raving lunatic! She gets so upset that she ends up not even remembering what she is crying about! I usually give her the choice of stopping crying, or going to her room to calm down. Not really a time out, but if she is hysterical I will sometimes close the door. If that happens, she will scream and throw herself against it. I don't go back in until she has at least stopped screaming ( usually she is still crying) and I always make sure she knows why she had to go to her room, and she has to apologize to me for her behaviour. But she will throw a fit over the stupidest things, and I know its just a power struggle.

Anyone else have temper tantrum issues?? Please tell me I'm not alone!

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You are definately not alone!! Makenna is a true red head with a temper to match!! She can be sweet as pie one moment and then if she doesn't get her way LOOK OUT!!

We also do time out and take things away but it doesn't always work.

Hang in there.....This too shall pass.

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Natalie has her days where she just totally melts down, though she has a short fuse the explosion isn't normally that bad. I can generally figure out what is wrong and help her out with it or I can do a brief time out and she calms down.

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Oh I have so been there but in the last month, Maci has turned the corner. Her temper tantrums have turned to laughs and I enjoy spending every minute with her now. Maybe since we entered the tantrums early, we got done with them faster. Your day is coming.

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You too, huh?

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Griffin's tantrums don't seem to last too long, he gets over it pretty quickly if I can catch it soon enough. If he's tired or hungry he will occasionally get a little hysterical and totally unreasonable. My favorite is when he throws a tantrum about wanting something without even waiting for me to say no, I give it to him because the answer would have been yes anyway if he would have asked, and then he freaks out about NOT wanting it anymore. ??? Sometimes he will tell me "mommy, I just want to cry!" so maybe it's just a way of blowing off steam sometimes. If I catch it when it's still just in the whine-y stage, I can usually distract him and stop it from turning into anything. If not, I just tell him to tell me when he's ready to cooperate and I leave the room. It usually works almost instantly, the freak-out stops and when I go back in he is still a little sniffly but he cooperates. That seems similar to you sending H to her room to calm down, but I wonder if you could try YOU leaving the room instead of sending her out of the room? I don't know if that would make a difference. It might make her feel more like it is up to her to stop freaking out if she wants you to come back, rather than feeling shut out and like she needs to scream so you know how upset she is. Sometimes I think Griffin is just relatively easy to deal with though and none of my tricks will work with the next kid! In any case, it will get better, and I think you are definitely on the right track to avoid the power struggle and not try to engage with her when she is like that.

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eh, Ellie's been evil for a long time. i'm noticing a SLIGHT improvement over time, including through now. i think when she was about 18 months old the evilness peaked and we just make slow progress every day.

but i sure do love it (sarcasm) when she SCREAMS "NO, (insert what she wants to do, like Eddie do it! or "want popsicle!" or "go outside") and it sure does get difficult to just enforce a time out without losing it myself.

but when she does that and needs to calm down- we DO just hold her door shut (Love and Logic discipline style) until she's at least calm enough not to hurt anybody, because she sure can get worked up! luckily she usually calms down and cries pretty quickly and then hugs make it better again. but if i said no popsicle, i have to stick to that.