Griffin and I discuss the new baby

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Griffin and I discuss the new baby

Griffin is being so cute about the baby on the way I have to share.
Sometimes he will come up to me and pat my tummy and say "mommy, you have a baby in your tummy?" When I first told him (because he kept jumping on my stomach one day) he was amazed. He asked me to take the baby out and show him. I told him I can't, the baby is very tiny and growing in my tummy, and it will get bigger and eventually come out. He put his eye up to my belly button and said "I see it!" and then put his ear against my belly and said "I hear it!"
Yesterday morning, he came up to give me a hug and poked me in the boob and said "mommy has nipples, big, big nipples" (I had a shirt on of course, he thinks nipple=boob, doesn't know there is a separate word) and I said "yep, mommy has big boobs because of the baby she is growing." He patted my boob with his hand and said "Mommy has big boobs because there's a baby in there!" I said "no, the baby is in my tummy." He lifted my shirt up and patted my tummy and said "I want to go in mommy's tummy." I told him it doesn't work like that, once you come out, you can't go back in. He said "I can't go in mommy's tummy. The baby is too little. The baby can't come out."
It is so funny to see this whole process through his eyes. It must be so confusing! His questions and statements about it keep me laughing though. If/when I have an u/s, I will have to bring him so he can finally see the baby!

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Have you considered getting a doppler for at home to listen to the baby? This was a great bonding tool for Jacob when I was pregnant with Daniel. We listened to baby all the time, at least until my doppler stopped working. Smile

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That is too cute, I do love 3 year old thinking.