Had the Big U/S!!!

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Had the Big U/S!!!

We found out yesterday that Piper's going to have a baby BROTHER!! I can't believe it!! We're all so excited. Our families were thrilled, though we're still trying to get ahold of my FIL and his wife. Once we tell them the news, I'll be going FB official. Smile

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aw!!! congrats Ali! :bigarmhug:

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YAY! Congrats!!! She is going to be a great big sister!!!

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Aww - that's great - Congrats!!!!

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Thanks girls!!

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Congrats! My DS loves having a big sister Smile They will be great friends!

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Congrats!!! So fun to have one of each! I can't decide whether to find out or not. My intuition says girl.

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Congratulations!!! Smile