happy news about a friend:)

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happy news about a friend:)

i had posted in october about my friend whos son was born with the hole in his diaphram. he lived for 6 days and died from complications after the surgery to fix things. they told angie its a genetic abnormality and theres a chance other children could have it to. well they are expecting again. im not sure how far along but i know she still has another month before she can see a specialist. her husbands army insurance is screwing with them about the dr to see. the closest one is about 4 hours away. they are not telling too many people til they see the dr and make sure everything is ok. cant talk about it to anyone else around here but had to tell someone. :o

oh shes due october 27th

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That is GREAT NEWS!! I am praying that everything is ok with the baby, I hope they can get to the dr and the insurance will leave them alone!