Hearing Loss

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Hearing Loss

Eli's speech therapist sent us to the audiologist last month to have his hearing tested. At our first appt, results were not conclusive, so we had to go back this morning for another try at a few tests. Today's testing was conclusive, he does have mild hearing loss. This is likely the missing piece in the puzzle for his speech and language delay. He actually has really broken out with a lot of new language over the past 6 months, but this offers an explanation for the delay. We will now be referred to a specialist and he will probably be fitted with a hearing aid.
It seems kind of crazy and sad and unexpected to me. But if getting a hearing aid will make him a happier, more communicative boy, then I will be thrilled!
Now to cross my fingers that DH's insurance will cover the hearing aid...

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WOW.. that is surprising for you I bet... I am sure it will make a huge difference in his communication once he gets fitted for the aid.

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Glad you're getting some answers! But I agree... I'm sure the news is a bit surprising. I look forward to hearing how a hearing aid helps w/his speech!!

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That is suprising but Im glad the doctors are on top of it and you have your answers. I bet it will be amazing what a difference the hearing aids make.

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Wow, well, at least you know what's going on now. Do they think this is something he was born with, or did it happen later on? Well, hopefully the hearing aid helps, and if it's mild hearing loss, maybe he won't always need it? Good that he has already started getting more verbal on his own, that has to be a good sign! Good luck and KUP on if the hearing aid helps.

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Glad you found out why he had some delays, hope the hearing aid is covered by your DH's insurance.

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Any word on the insurance yet?