How Long Did You Breastfeed! Post Your Total (WBW Event!)

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How Long Did You Breastfeed! Post Your Total (WBW Event!)

World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) is here again and is ready to celebrate -- with YOU!

World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) is here August 1st - August 7th! This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the WBW event. is proud to continue our efforts to provide our members and our viewing audience with resources, support,and encouragement needed throughout their breastfeeding relationship with their baby!

One of our favorite activities throughout this week-long celebration is to celebrate the breastfeeding efforts of our members -- both individually *and* as a community!
We invite you to join in by visiting our [SIZE=3] Page
, locate this post, click "Show Conversation", and post your totals in the comments!

(**PLEASE NOTE**: You may have to scroll down our wall or page over if later in the week!)[/SIZE]

We need EVERYONE that has even attempted breastfeeding to join in! Add your stats for the number of days, months, or YEARS that you have breastfed your little one. No amount is too small to be included! Have more than one child? You can list them all! Be sure to help us spread the word! Invite your family and friends onsite, via email, on Facebook, and more to join the site and add to the conversation. The more, the better to celebrate! We are hosting the event on our page to have a central spot for members throughout the site -- forums, calendar / charting users, content visitors, mobile app users, Facebook and Twitter friends, and more -- to unite and take part!

No need to do the math. Just post the time you have spent (either currently or years ago!) breastfeeding! At the end of the week, we will tally all of the posts and announce the total amount of years, months, and days that our Community has spent breastfeeding and announce it on our wall and throughout the site!

Ready to participate? Visit our Page Now!! Remember to "friend" us while you are there by clicking the star!

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Having difficulty actually posting a comment in the thread for this, can't find where to do it.

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I'm sorry! I did not see that you had responded! Can you double check to be certain that it is showing you still logged in on the homepage at Pregnancy Week by Week Calendar, Info and Tools | You may want to try clearing your cached files/cookies and log in on the homepage again. Several weeks ago, following some maintenance onsite, *some* members (self-included) experienced a glitch with the log in. Clearing the cached files and logging back in resolved the issue.

After you log in, you will land on your profile page. You can take a minute to click on "Edit" on this page (in the center) and add a profile pic that will show up on your comments/wall/etc. (Don't forget to scroll down and save! Next, you can click the link that appears showing "Create My Member Page" (wall).

From there, scroll down the page and click on the logo image in the purple bar. This brings you to the brand page "wall". Scroll down to find our thread titled "How Long Did You Breastfeed! Post Your Total (WBW Event!)".

As long as you are logged in, you should see the "Show Conversation" link at the bottom of the post to display all the comments. Scroll to the last and you should now see the shaded comment box. Enter your message and then click "Submit"! That's it! Don't forget to click on the star on our page to "Friend" us while you're there! If you have any further issues please drop me a pm! I'll be happy to help!