I miss our active Snow Pea board!

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I miss our active Snow Pea board!

Sad Oh what kids turn your life into! It's funny how active we all were, from TTC through pregnancy and through the first year!

Now where are we? Glad we have facebook!

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I pop in at least once a week to see if anything is up but over all things have been quiet.

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I have found the entire site to be slow for quite a few months. Even the new BB only have one or two pages on their Spaces page.

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I know!! I remember how active I was with my first pregnancy, this time I only checked in a few times a week. Sad!

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Hi ladies! I totally understand. I just had a baby, so I've not really been around here. But seriously, our May 2012 boards are really dead too. There are like 5 of us really still active. They still haven't followed through with assigning volunteer board hosts for our page. But yeah, I totally miss this board being active. I am on FB really most the time. Maybe one of us should make a Snowpea private group and invite everyone to that. Maybe it would be more active.. JMO.

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I know that February 09 has a Facebook group, we still aren't very active on there but at least there is some.

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february has a group? WTF! FEB 2011 has a group, i'm in that one!

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Yup here is the link. This is February 09.


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