Just wanted to update on Daniel

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Just wanted to update on Daniel

So Daniel has been, for the most part, dairy free including casein. He's been doing SOOO well being dairy free. He is communicating just about on-par with other kids his age (according to his speech path), and his autistic "symptoms" are vanishing! He's becoming like a regular kid! But the moment you give him cheese, he's right back at square one for at least a week.

He started preschool this week (Mon and today) and so far it's going great! Yahoo The first day I was expecting him to be hugging my leg like he did for the 3 visits we made to the classroom. But he wasn't. We got there at the start of the "day" and I helped him wash up for breakfast. Then he sat down and I helped him cut his dairy-free french toast. Then I said, "Okay, Daniel. I'm gonna leave now." and he said "kay". But with him that doesn't mean he knows what you are saying or understands at all. I left anyway, expecting him to have a breakdown when he realized I was gone. But his teachers said he didn't have a breakdown at all! :clappy:

Today it was the same deal. Helped him wash up for breakfast. Sat him down. Told him I was leaving. This time actually said "bye" and he said "bye" back. I said "I love you" and he said it back. Then I left. His teacher said that he had a blast today and that he actually participated in things I would not have expected him to participate in.

I'm excited to say that this is gonna work out great for us and he's not likely going to need a smaller classroom.

At this rate, he might actually graduate out of the program before kindergarten! Yahoo

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Great news!!

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ahhhh that just gave me chills! That is so great!