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Little Update

I have been without internet for a while now, but finally have it back, though very slow. Vermont seems to be still in the previous decade as far as technology goes. So no pics tonight--I'd be here til tomorrow morning waiting for them to upload.
We have moved successfully to Vermont from California! DH's new job is going well, and I am loving being a SAHM for a while. Planning to do a teaching credential program in the fall, but might get a job instead, haven't totally decided. Or I might have another baby.
Griffin is doing great, he handled the move really well. He was starting to get a little stressed out from all the bouncing around (to DH's mom's house, then my grandparents, then my parents, then my sister's, and then to a totally new place!) but once we opened all the boxes with his toys at the new house and set up his room, he was happy. I think he was worried he'd never see any of his favorite toys again! Now he seems to have settled in fine, although he is very suspicious of the snow and will not walk in it or touch it. He likes to look at it from a distance. Maybe next year--it's a little too much for a California boy who has never really seen it before. Making progress on PTing. He has been wanting to wear big boy underwear and has figured out how to put them on by himself. He is all about flushing the toilet and I have to pay attention or he tries to flush stuff from around the house. And yesterday, he told DH he had to pee, then waited until his diaper was off and he was on the potty and then PEED! Yay!
It's a little weird not to have my usual support systems and friends and things to do with Griffin, but this is a great community to raise kids in, lots of playgroups and toddler parent-and-me classes and multiple libraries with story hours. We're starting swim class next month, and I plan to sign him up for Yoga Tots (he loves yoga, it is hilarious--he gets all excited if I even mention it).
I am not loving the winter thing here. Looking forward to spring, and hopefully I'll be braced for it next year.
Totally jealous of all the preggo and TTC mamas (congrats to all of you by the way)! I would be trying now, except I think I'm starting this teaching program in the fall and I want to wait until October/November or so so that I can finish the program before I have the baby--shooting for a July or August 2012 baby. Man, that seems so far away!!! It just doesn't make sense to wait to do the program until after the second baby, because then we will have TWO kids we need to put in full time daycare while DH is at work and I'm in school, one of them a little baby, and I really don't want to do that. But we'll see. It's hard to wait when I am just hanging out with Griffin all day, and so many of the other playgroup moms are pregnant right now. So I may change my mind. Sometimes being rational and practical is no fun!

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Good to hear from you!! Glad that you are settling in well. I can relate to the baby fever, my DH has 5 more weeks of school left and then he said we can try for #2...... provided that he passes his course. I am counting down the days!!!!

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SO happy to hear your moved went well and you are settled!

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What a big move! Glad it went well. Vermont seems like it would be such a relaxing place to live. The people are so nice.

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I'm so happy your move went well and you're settled. YAY for Griffin getting settled easily. And a big YAY for him going potty in the toilet!!! WAHOO!!!

How cute he is about the snow. He'll love it next year!

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Glad to hear the move was succesful. We actually just moved over the weekend and only have a couple more boxes to unpack. Even all our deco is up. It's not once you get settled and the kids get more familar with the area and their surroundings. Good luck on the TTC when the time comes! I wish I was at the point of wanting another one, I love the thought of being pregnant and the NB stage.. but I'm just not ready to take on the roll of being a mom of 3. I'm pretty content with just my two. Thanks for the update!!!