Lost my job (x posted)

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Lost my job (x posted)

So last Wednesday my boss called me into his office to ask me how I would feel about not working here anymore. I really had no answer. I LOVE my boss, but hate my 2 co-workers and in an office of 4 people it makes work very awkward. So as i really hated worked here and was hoping to stop working after baby #2 is born in July.

I told my boss i was preggo on Dec 21st - he seemed happy for me. He asked if i was coming back after i gave birth, I told him I really don;t know, need to go over my finances but will let him know no loater than March so there is enough time for me to train a replacement.

Then on Jan 18th he tells me that since he felt i was probally was not coming back anyway - and he needed somene with different skills than me anyway - he feels he did not want to wait until March. he is letting me work for another month or two (I think it might be 3) then offering me 1-2 months of severance pay, also allowing me to collect unemployment insurance which can now be extended for up to 2 years in NY.

I was in shock! He said my work is fine, but the office is busier now and he now needs an admin that can also place trades, which I am not certified to do nor do I plan on becoming certified.

I have mixed feeling about the whole thing - I am hurt, i am angry b/c I think my two co-workers arranged for this to happend as they are always in his ear and they are bogged down with work at the present time which i can not help with b/c I dod not have a certification. Personally I think they are going to have a hard time finding someone who is certified AND willing to do all my menial filing, answering phones, etc .... AT THE SAME TIME - I hate coming into work and cry often b/c these ladies are so mean to me so I guess over all I am happy...

Still loking into if I can sue or not being he laid off me and only me 4 weeks after i told him i was pregnant...and it TOTALLY sucks having ot come into work now that i have been let go - so awkward - they didn't hire anyone yet, but it will be really odd for me to train my replacement and try to be nice to them!

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Oh no, I am so sorry this has happened this way! It does seem awfully suspicious, right after you telling him you're pg. It definitely makes it harder to swallow when it wasn't your decision.

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Wow 1-2 months severance pay is awesome FYI I've been laid off 3 times now and have only ever been paid 2 weeks severance....this last one (last day was last Friday) I didn't get any severance and I'd only accrued one week vacation Sad

I hope it all works out I know how much you hated those ladies in your office so I hope it all works out for you!! And I agree AWKWARD!!!

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Sounds to me like they are attempting to set you up to quit. If you quit, you won't qualify for the severance OR the unemployment. But because they've given you so much notice of the lay off, it's VERY awkward and most people would quit (therefore saving them money).

Hang in there and work up til they REALLY lay you off. You need the money for the baby. Keep telling yourself that when it starts to get awkward "I'm doing this for the baby". And contact an attorney and ask some questions. It DOES seem suspicious. But, of course, if you quit, they can't be sued for firing you over a pregnancy.


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I am so sorry you were laid off and right before you are due with another baby. I am sorry the other ladies there are making it hard on you . Sending hugs and prayers. I hope it all works out.

Now, my husband said if you feel that your boss did this because your pregnant you should look into your pregnancy law in your state. He said it might not work because your boss did offer you to stay till they find someone and offered you pay afterwards. But like Janelle said don't give in and quit than you might not get anything and that would be horrible but check into your state laws!

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I have no advice, just wanted to say sorry for the loss of your job.

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i'm with Janelle, stick it out, work over those benefits that they offered, and smile everyday at work thinking of your paid time off!