making progress

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making progress

At Daniel's 4 year check up, the ped convinced me that it's time for an official evaluation appointment. He's not making enough progress at school and is easily thrown off by change. There are days when i look into the future and see a Sheldon Cooper.

We had a run in with the school on having him ride the bus to school. Ever since school stated this year, we have been working on transitioning him to taking the bus to school. He was doing great with riding it home, and then just as I was about to say he was ready for them to pick him up, the school changed their drop off location from right next to the school's main building to 600 feet behind the main building at a modular and this put us back at least a month.

Finally, he was ready, so they came and picked him up... An hour earlier than when we leave to drive there. This meant that I had to wake him up and his whole morning routine was thrown off and he didn't tolerate it. There we other problems, too, and the school could do nothing about it because they don't control the bus depot and I couldn't be a proper advocate because he doesn't actually have a diagnosis yet.

So.. We are working on it so he can get the proper transportation and tools he needs to succeed.

We have to wait a bit longer, because the specialist only comes to town twice a year, but they come within an hour of town once a month and we will probably drive the distance to get him seen sooner.

Thanks for reading. Smile