Mommies don't get sick days (ot rant)

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Mommies don't get sick days (ot rant)

Argh. DH is sick and stayed home from work yesterday and slept on the couch ALL DAY. Griffin tried to play with him a few times and he just moaned about how daddy didn't feel good and asked me to bring him more tea. Last week, I had the exact same thing he has and had to suck it up and take care of Griffin, clean the house, grocery shop AND DH's sister and her family were visiting, so I also had to pretend I was fine so I could entertain and participate (including going to the children's museum and going hiking!) I had no choice but to pop tylenol and move on. I would have paid money to be able to stay in bed all day! No fair!

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ditto. in duplicate. men are whiny.

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Ugh, that sucks. I think all men turn into babies when they get sick.

Thankfully my DH is normally very helpful, so I don't mind letting him get extra sleep when he's not feeling well. Of course, it's hard to get that extra sleep when we are sick! I'm so tired with this pregnancy I fall asleep on the couch lots when the kids are playing Biggrin

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I made DH help me take care of Natalie once when he was sick to let him know what I felt like taking care of her while sick. After that he learned that I need a break when sick and now takes care of her when I am under the weather, once he even took the day off work to take care of me and Natalie. He found this beneficial also cause I got better faster and was in a far nicer mood to him.

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yep yep! I hear ya!

I've been so sick these last few months because I think I wear myself out taking care of everyone else when I am sick that I can never NEVER ends!! My DH is really good about picking up the slack though.:)