My turn to share (OT)

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My turn to share (OT)

Our new car!

I'm so stoked. Meet Travis the Traverse Smile

DH picked him up today! I'm so excited for all the space (we had a Chevy Aveo before) we need for our growing family! It can seat up to 8 Smile (obviously less with carseats) but there was no way we could fit another carseat in our tiny Aveo once baby #3 comes this winter.

DH is worried I'm going to smash it up Biggrin since I'm so used to driving small cars and I'm not the greatest driver....hee hee. It will take me a while to adjust to such a big vehicle!

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Sandra I LOVE the Traverse! I know that car from top to bottom (I have them as rental cars at work) It is honestly my favorite car! I have that same color on my lot right now Wink but it's a seven seater instead of 8.

Congrats! And I love his name Wink

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Congrats! My brother has a Traverse and loves it! It can fit four kids with carseats in it from experience. Smile Yay!

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My DH (I don't drive) got a new vehicle recently, got the 2012 Honda Civic.

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Cute! You'll get used to the size difference. I went from a Cavalier to an Expedition.

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