Opinions please!

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Opinions please!

Last night I was parallel parked between two cars on the street in front of our building. About 11pm some lady crashed full speed ahead into the car behind me, which slammed into my car, which lightly hit the car in front of me. (She says she sneezed. That's a hell of a sneeze...) The rear end of my car is pretty effed up and the front bumper has some scratches but nothing major. Here is my question: would you get a new car seat? I know you're supposed to replace the car seat if it's involved in an accident, but I would consider this minor, considering the car was parked and there was no weight in the seat. I feel like it's probably the equivalent of if I had dropped the seat on the ground or something. Your thoughts?

Mine is the white car

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Your right that was one hell of a sneeze and it will cost her a lot!

I would probally not get a new car seat, she wasn't coming full speed ahead and she didn't hit you hard on the side where the car seat was. But that is me, I would never put my kids in danger but if this were the case I would not get another one.

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I probably would get a new one, I am a little on the paranoid side though when it comes to car seats.

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I wouldn't get a new one, but maybe that would be irresponsible. It doesn't seem like it could have done any damage to the carseat and they are expensive! And sorry about that...what a bummer! That is quite a sneeze!

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I would, as her insurance would likely cover the cost of the new seat.

You never know what will cause minor damage (unseen) to the car seat that could affect the plastic's integrity in the event of a REAL crash where you need it for all it's got!


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Were you in the car when it happened? If it gave you a good jolt I would say get it replaced. DH wasn't paying attention and backed into a pole did some minor damage to the car but didn't really shake us so we didn't have it replaced, though had it been a hard hit I would have looked into replacing the seat. If her insurance will pay a replacement go for it, better to err on the side of caution.

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What did you decide??

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I already posted on your April 2012 thread....also curious what you decided Smile

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Ugh! I haven't been able to log in ever since they updated the site. Sorry for the lack of response! Anyhoo, I've decided to just keep the car seat for now. Honestly, it's mostly because I've been WAY too busy to deal with getting a new one! But besides that, after we got the seat out of the wrecked car, I gave it a thorough inspection and it definitely seems fine. Just as sturdy, no cracks or anything. I may still decide to replace it since the lady's insurance company will definitely cover it, but for now I'm just trying to stay afloat with the rest of life. (If I really felt like the safety of the seat was in any way compromised, I would've replaced it immediately. Don't want to seem cavalier!) I appreciate all your responses!

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I am a little late to chime in here, but just a visual inspection doesnt mean the seat is safe. Her insurance will pay for it. My mom rear-ended me at a redlight (she was texting!!! LOL) and my insurance company (Progressive and hers as well) said no chances, even though it was less than 3mph to get a new seat!
I know it's a headache. But really, you just never know.

Just my 2c.