Potty training!!!

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Potty training!!!

Griffin was doing great with PTing for a while, sitting on the potty when we asked him to, and sometimes asking to sit on it, and pretty much always at least peeing right away and sometimes pooping (no more sitting for ages on the potty reading stacks of books with no production). I thought we were a few months away from being diaper free, but now for the past week, he has had NO interest. He says no whenever I ask him to use it, and FREAKS if I try to talk him into it. I don't think he had a bad experience or anything, I think he just got sick of it and feels like diapers are more convenient because he doesn't have to interrupt his playing. I tried getting him a bag of little cheapie toys and giving him one whenever he used the potty, and it worked for about a day. Should we just stop trying for a while? I don't want him to just put it off because he can, but I don't want to stress him out about it either. Any suggestions?

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I am NOT sure what to suggest on this one as you WERE having success. :confused:

Daniel is not ready for PTing yet. We tried for a short while, but he still doesn't hold it for very long, and putting on the potty every 20 minutes (it seems that's about as long as he CAN hold it) just isn't reasonable.

My first, though... he was ready at 18 months and we were doing great for a couple of weeks, but then he sat down a little too fast and hard and the potty chair "bit" him... that was it for a LONG time later. :confused:

:goodluck: hopefully he's come around to it again quickly. Maybe he just needs a day or two to regroup. :dontknow:

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Both of my girls potty trained around 20 months. They also both went through a time of regression. We kept them in underwear, accentuated the good, responded as little as possible to the bad, and went back to giving them a jelly bean when they were successful.

Within a week or two they were both back to going every time. Hang in there!