Potty Training?

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Potty Training?

Whose LO's are potted trained? We are having trouble with Christopher. I try my best to take him about 2 times a hour to the bathroom and put him on the potty. He will go but we still have at least 4 or 5 accidents a day. I think he is just to busy and doesn't think about it. Is it common for kids who are 3 (He turned 3 on Tuesday) to not be potty trained or not showing any intrest in it. He gets mad when I put his underwear on. He wants to wear pullups but I only put those on him when we go to the store or somewhere like that and at night. Does anyone have any tips they could give me on potty training?

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Makenna is not trained yet either. (She will turn 3 on Sunday) I have to tricks or tips but just wanted to sympathize with you!! I was hoping to be diaper free for a little bit before baby #2 comes but now I am not very hopeful!!

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Honestly every child is different. Dana was such a busy body that she really didn't end up fully potty trained until past 5 years old, one of the other contributing factors to the late training (in my opinion) was the child care I had her in missed the window for training her because they refused to train children under 2.5 years.

Natalie was quite easy for us, she is potty trained both during the day and at night, but we had signs that she didn't like being wet/dirty from a very early age, so she took to training well. Yes there are accidents once in a while (maybe once or twice a month) but those happen, not a big deal. Natalie's school and I worked together getting her on a schedule of going to the potty, once she had the hang of that and got the idea of when she needed to go she just started using it on her own, I always kept the potty in then same place so she would know where it was, she preferred the big potty so we put a seat on it and a stool so she could climb on it.

It's all about finding out the child's preferences when using the potty, if they want a toy or book let them bring it along, if they prefer the big potty get a seat and stool and give it a try.

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Savanna is trained during the day, but not at night. She does still have accidents during the day, but it's mostly just when she's too busy playing....and it's usually just a little wet, so we put her straight on the potty to finish. I have no idea when we will night train she is still in a crib so it will have to be once we get her in a big girl bed......

I think a big part of Savanna wanting to train is that she LOVES her panties.....did you let him pick out the underwear? That may be somewhere to start. In the beginning we also bribed her with candy, until she got the hang of it.

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Daniel is no where near ready.

with my oldest, he had a window of opportunity started at about 18 months old. I had the time to dedicate, so we were doing well.. but one day he sat down really quick onto his potty chair and banged his member on to the little splash guard and that ruined us for potty learning until he was almost 4. I gave him a couple of months to not be scared of the possibility of hurting himself, but by the time he was past that, he was over his window. I tried everything when he was 2-4 years old. I tried giving him the thick underwear and letting him be wet and he didn't care. I tried pull-ups with the cold sensation, and he didn't care. I tried the fading patterns pull-ups and he didn't care. Then one day, when he was 3.5 I just let him be naked bottomed and he wouldn't pee until I put a diaper or underwear on him. I think it was a difference in the feel of what his member was doing. But, whenever I'd put bottoms on him, he'd pee in them. When he was 4 we told him about an upcoming trip with Great Grandpa and that he HAD to be using the toilet if he wanted to go. That was it for him. He decided he wanted to go on the trip and he never had an accident from that point on. But he was already 4! :mad:

I hope Daniel starts showing interest soon. He's started to squat when he pee's, so I was thinking of trying naked bottom with him, but I need to do it on a day when we don't have anywhere to go. Today we need to go buy snow boots cause DH is planning on taking them snow sledding tomorrow. Then obviously, tomorrow won't work. I don't want to miss his window, but ..... :dry:

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Piper's been potty trained (except at night-- she still sleeps in the crib) since she was about 2 and 4 months. She had all the signs of readiness by her second birthday, but our attempts then were met with massive failure. She seemed ready but clearly she just wasn't. We let her go bare-bottomed around the house for about 4 days and she would literally hold it for HOURS until she was crying and miserable, no matter the fact that she was sitting on the potty nearly all day! I'd put a diaper on her for nap or bedtime and she would just unload in it. So we decided to take a break and revisit the whole thing in a few months. About 4 months later, I tried the same method and whaddya know-- it worked like a charm! She was nearly accident-free in about 3 days. She has random accidents every once in a great while these days, almost always while in the middle of playing and she's too busy to notice.
My only advice is that if you try pretty intensely and are just met with frustration and very little progress, you may want to quit and revisit potty training in a few more months. Who knows-- he may take the lead on it himself! Good luck!!

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Well, my attempts failed. He's still peeing every 5-10 minutes. When will he start to not pee constantly? Aren't they supposed to go longer in between peeing when they are a few months old?? Perhaps I should talk to the doctor about it? Maybe today is just a fluke (and all the other days I've tried this and/or put him in pull-ups?) *sigh*

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Janelle, not sure if peeing every 5-10 is normal at this age or not? Maybe ask your doc about it. Griff usually will go 2-3 hours. He is not potty trained though. He has been showing signs of readiness for a year or so, and we make some good progress and I'll think we're only a few months away from potty trained, and then he completely loses interest. We are in a "no potty" period right now. I'm waiting for him to indicate that he is ready to try again and I have a feeling the next time he decides he's ready, he really will be. I think the last time I just SO WANTED him to be potty trained I may have pushed him a little too much and now he wants nothing to do with it. So I'm not pushing it at all until HE says he's ready and trying not to stress too much. Lots of kids (boys especially) are 3 and even 4 before they are potty trained. Just know it WILL happen eventually, provide lots of encouragement when he DOES go, and don't push it too much (or you could end up in my situation! I feel like if I had just let him go at his own pace, he'd be potty trained by now, but instead he sees the potty as a hassle that interrupts his playtime and mommy bugs him about).

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@Janelle- if it seems to be when he's having naked time maybe its because he's not used to the air circulation/stimulation and after more time out in the breeze he'll adjust.

I've had a rather long road with Ellie. i could sit her on her potty at 16 months old and she's pee, first thing in the morning, and up to 5 or so times a day. she seemed to figured out how to pee on purpose pretty quick. but she still wasnt walking until 20 months, so i was carrying her, sitting her down, picking her up and dressing her again... she had many signs by 2 that she could do it, but no matter what we did (trying to go every half hour, prizes, treats, bribery) it just wasnt clicking, she didn't really know how to tell when she had to go, BEFORE she went.

until this week. suddenly she's just running in the bathroom, with dry undies, taking them off and using the potty. THANK HEAVEN. finally! I spent YEARS showing her repeatedly, how to use the potty, what to do (take off pants, get on potty, pee.... wipe, get dressed again) encouraging her to wear undies even if she had accidents, encouraging her to run to the bathroom, even if she already had an accident, and bribing with candy, stickers, more candy.... treats.... actually i told her if she went a week without accidents we'd go back to the waterpark so i suppose i have to make good on THAT too LOL... and she seems to be doing equally well with pee and poop. she doesnt do one more than the other or have accidents with one more than the other. i can tell you that if we're out of the house for a long time in our back-up pull-ups she's going to go in the pull-up without even asking to use the bathroom, like the world is too distracting for her to remember to use the bathroom.

and we also got a new couch this week and i told her the rule is that we are not allowed to pee on the couch or she can't sit on it anymore! And she has yet to have an accident on the couch!

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To be honest, I've moved DD to pullups, but she's not really interested yet. I'll really focus on her training after May when her baby sister gets here. Her older DS didn't really get interested in potty training until she was at least 3 and 1/2 years old.

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Hey Ladies!

I know I haven't been around in ages but I was creaping and came across this thread. In the fall Prestons started wearing the thick undies and was peeing on the potty but would poop in his underwear. Then he got sick and was on a heavy antibiotic so I put him in pull ups as they can cause the runs. Well that was the end of potty training. After that he refused to go on the potty at all and would scream and cry. He's in daycare now twice a week and one day just before his birthday his teacher told me he said he wanted to go on the potty and wear underwear like one of the other kids that was potty trained. So I broke out the M & M's and everytime he went on the potty he got one.

Well he still wasn't pooping in the potty. He either had accidents or held it until he had his night time diaper on. One night at dinner about 2 wks ago he looks and me and tells me he has to poop. He's had a few accidents but only because he had a stomach virus this weekend. Honestly something just clicked. I always gave him the option but never pushed it. Once he knew it was his choice and he wanted to be like the other kids it clicked. What also helped is at the daycare when it was diaper changing time normally his teacher would ask if he wanted the potty or table (Diaper change). She switched and didn't give him the choice of a table diaper change and started asking him if he wanted to sit or stand.

My thoughts are with you ladies and here's hoping the diapers are gone soon.

I've missed you all!


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I had Maci 80% potty trained and then she regressed and went straight back to diapers. Everything was fine at the dr. so she suggested just laying off of her and letting it just happen. Im so ready to be in panties!

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Ezra is potty trained during the day. But he's stubborn as all get out. Sometimes he just wants to be in control, and he expresses that by going in his pants/on the floor. He refuses to ask for help either (he can't pull down/pull up his underwear yet).

Soooo, at home he's usually naked below the waist, although I'm starting to introduce underwear a little more forcefully at home. When we're out, he's in undies, we try to give him plenty of opportunities, and sometimes he'll even let us know.

At night, he's in diapers. He generally stays dry while he's asleep, but I have to be REALLY on the ball to get him to the potty in the morning. If he's pretty groggy, I don't stand a chance. So that's what the diaper's for.

Basically, he started showing interest when we were overseas when he was a little over a year old. We encouraged him as much as we could, but weren't really able to work with him on it. When you miss that boat, it's gone forever! And the whole thing seems to become a battle of wills. I'm hoping we'll have better timing when Gideon gets to that point.

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"harper35" wrote:

But he's stubborn as all get out. Sometimes he just wants to be in control,... He refuses to ask for help either (he can't pull down/pull up his underwear yet).

This is Daniel, too. Except that naked bottom at home doesn't make a difference. Lately, when he's pooped in his diaper and I know he has (he hides to do it and then you can smell it). I ask him if he's stinky and needs a new diaper and he's defiant as all get out because HE didn't bring it up! I don't want to discourage him from pooping, just want him to tell me or start using the toilet. If I ask him if he wants to use the potty chair or toilet, he'll say no 90% of the time. But every now and then he'll ask to use it.

He's still dribbling every time he's on it, showing me he knows how to pee on command. But the desire is not there and I don't think he'll have it until he can pull his pants down on his own. He's VERY independent with things, but wants to be the one to initiate it. I struggle with finding ways to make him think it was his idea and not mine.

Yesterday after he was stinky for 15 minutes and STILL denying it, I finally said "Daniel, when you are ready to be changed, let me know and we'll get you a clean diaper." He instantly said "okay" in an excited voice and ran and got a diaper. *sigh*

We will get past this eventually. Everyone does... Lol

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"Nell4Him" wrote:

We will get past this eventually. Everyone does... Lol

When I was little, my ped told my mom not to stress about potty training, because "chances are she'll be trained by the time she gets to college."

I've had moderate success with rewards. It doesn't work if I give him a reward every time. If I tell him in the morning that he can have chocolate milk before bed if he stays dry all day and then remind him through the day, we've got about a 50/50 chance of making it. Of course, if he misses because I don't give him the opportunity, that doesn't count. And if he has one small accident (as in, he distinctly forgot--he's not being defiant), he can earn his chocolate milk back.

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So nice to know G isn't the only 3 year old not potty trained! We aren't really even trying right now. When it's warmer, we will have more naked bum time at home. If he has no bottoms on, he will use the potty over peeing on the floor, so I think as soon as he realizes it really isn't a big deal to use the potty every time and is actually easier than diapers, he will be potty trained. But he won't wear underwear or a pull-up and even if he does, he just pees in them anyway. Argh. We've also been dealing with some recurrent constipation, which makes using the potty frustrating for #2 because half the time it takes several "tries" before he manages to get it out. While I know he will do it when he's ready (i.e., "he won't go to college in a diaper") part of me can't help but be a tiny bit embarrassed when other people notice he's still in a diaper and he seems so mature in every other way. He's also outgrown all of his cloth diapers, so we are spending tons on disposables now and I'm tired of it. I really hope it clicks for him before Baby #2 arrives!