Potty Training? Anyone there yet?

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Potty Training? Anyone there yet?

So Lizzie has been a handful this past week.

She screams off and on a few times a day for me to change her diaper and says she's poopy. Except she's not. Then when she finally is it's like the house and the world come crashing down on top of her.

I know that she's anticipating having to go #2, so I try to put her on the potty. In fact I sit in there with her for almost 20 minutes at a time no less than 5 times a day. Nothing happens.

I've tried doing with her what I did with my son, but he was older and *got* it more. She's still so young and honestly, I wasn't ready to start potty training her. I've tried tons of rewards, praise, etc. I just don't think she's mature enough. Yet the screaming multiple times a day is just too much!

Is anyone else going through this?

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Sound fun Wink

Eli is nowhere near ready. His communication just isn;t there yet. He has starting saying "coo-coo" when he has a poo-poo diaper, but he's a bear about letting me change him!

In truth, I haven't even sat him on a potty yet. Ever. Maybe I should start trying! He's such a firecracker that I doubt he'd stay still for longer than 90 seconds though.

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Trust me...I'm not ready to potty train her! My son didn't really *click* with it until he was over 3...so I'd rather wait until that time. The screaming though...ugh!

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I'm very very happy and relieved to report that we are officially potty trained in this house! I'd say we hit that milestone about a month ago.... SO WONDERFUL! But this was the second attempt. The first attempt, she had all the signs of readiness so we gave it a serious try and were met with disastrous results. We tried for 3 days and we were all cranky, stressed and exhausted by the end of it. She'd sit on the potty til the cows came home but just would not produce. So I decided that, even though she seemed ready, her brain just must not have been quite mature enough yet. So we went back to diapers full-time. About 4 months later we decided to give it another go and whaddya know! She took to it like a duck to water! It really wasn't very difficult at all, actually. I was really nervous about public outings but we've never had a single accident and she does great at using public potties. I still put a diaper on her for sleeping (because she's still in the crib and that hardly seems fair!) but she wakes up dry from most naps.
My advice would be to just take a break from it and revisit the subject in a few months. Hopefully you'll be as pleasantly surprised as I was that it can be pretty easy!

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Making some good strides here. Griffin has been showing signs of readiness for quite a while, and always asks to have his diaper changed if he's poopy and sometimes if he's wet. We've made a few half-hearted attempts but he just wasn't totally ready yet until recently. We had lots of times where he would sit for ages on the potty and never go. That got old pretty fast, so we just stopped trying for a while, mostly because I was tired of sitting in the bathroom with him for 20 mins at a time. But I think it's still good for them to practice and get used to the idea of a potty before they are totally ready to put it to use. We recently got a new potty chair that he helped pick out and that has really kicked it up a notch for us. He LOVES it and is always asking to sit on the potty now. He almost always pees when he sits on it, and when he does he comes with me to dump it in the toilet and flush. I actually encourage him to try to "squeeze out the pee" and that helps. Now he just does it on his own. But so far, I don't think he has made the connection between needing to go and waiting to get to the potty. I think that's our last hurdle. He still doesn't really hold it...he holds it when he's naked because he doesn't want to go on the floor, but if he has a diaper or underwear on, he just goes. Hopefully just more practice and he'll get there pretty soon. I'm sick of diapers.
Is it possible Lizzie is constipated? My niece freaks out about pooping when she is a little constipated because she can feel she needs to go, but it won't come out, and it hurts when she finally does go, so she screams. Maybe try giving her some prune juice and see if it helps?

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I don't think she's constipated because wow...that girl can poop! LOL

I do think she's ready though. She actually just came to me and told me she had to pee on the potty, so I sat her down and sure enough! Very proud mama right now!

Now how to handle giving her rewards for potty training and keeping my son from getting overly jealous. LOL

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We are pretty much potty trained here, there are accidents once in a while when she gets involved in play but if we can get a toy to go to the potty with her it generally isn't a problem.

Night training isn't done yet she does have plenty of dry nights but I don't want to risk leaving her diaper-less and having to deal with an accident in bed.

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Maci could care less about potty training yet im sooo ready. Im so tired of diapers!
She will sit her dolls in her dollhouse on their potty and say "pee pee" but that's about it.