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Savanna starts preschool Sept 4....I am so excited for her and she is beyond excited!

Anyone else have their Snow Pea in preschool yet or am I a late bloomer?

Oh and I find out if #2 is boy/girl on Monday!!!!

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Daniel started preschool in February.. but that's cause he's developmentally delayed and on a state program. If he were "on schedule" then he probably would skip preschool and go to kindergarten at 5. He starts back up to preschool on the 5th of Sept. I am hoping that this year is more successful than last year. He has his routines and going every Monday and Wednesday was not consistent enough for him and was still a big fight to get him to school all the way to the end. But because he's on a state program, they can't send him more than that. Our only option is to take him out of the classroom he is in (with special ed teachers) and into a mainstream classroom and put him in Monday and Tuesday and hope that 2 days in a row fixes it.

I think I'm still as nervous as you are. And to tell you the truth, I think it keeps coming back with each new year, new teacher, new school, etc.


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Exciting! Piper has been in Mother's Day Out for the last year, which was 2 days a week. She LOVED it. She is starting preschool next week, which will be MWF. Can't wait!

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I started "doing preschool" with Ezra in April. We're going to homeschool, so he won't be going to a classroom for preschool either.

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Ellie will be in Head Start this fall tues-friday 8-3. not sure i can handle it! Luckily our local program is 4 days a week and full day, Ellie also participated in early head start for 2 years, i enrolled her because she was not walking at 19 months (figured out later, she COULD she just WOULDN'T) and was scared it was a problematic developmental delay. I work with her every day and she can only identify pink correctly out of all the colors, can't count to 10 (12496!, wrong every time, but its the same wrong... so at least its progress) and can sing the abc's kind of accurately but can't identify numbers. i constantly panic about her, but DH told me he remembers when colors suddenly made sense to him when he was like 4 so i just have to remember her brain is not the same as mine was at her age. (i have on tape when i was much younger than her, saying my birthday and singing like 12 little songs, i also knew my phone number and address, and my grandma says i could multiply)

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The public school system here doesn't do pre-school it starts at kindergarten. If you go private you can start at 18 months, I enrolled Natalie in a Montessori program last fall since it was the same price as daycare. It has done wonderful things for her I just can't believe how much she's learned in just one year. They run a summer camp too with, different teachers, keeping it educational, this week they have two themes "Being a Vet" where they teach kids about pets and how to care for them and "Stitch and Sew" pretty self explanatory its all about sewing.

Natalie starts back on the regular program September 4th, they try to keep them with the same teacher after they get into the Casa program (ages 2.5 - 5).

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We finally found a program for Eli yesterday! He will be attending a preschool program for children who are hard of hearing, deaf, or hearing children of deaf parents. He just got his hearing aids 3 days ago! His program is Monday to Thursday from 9-2. What's funny is he'll be attending more school than my DD Ella who starts kindergarten this year! The program seems really great and he'll get a lot of support from speech pathologists at school to help his delay. And the teachers all know how to work with hearing aids so that is a huge bonus!

The only scary part (other than sending my 3.5 year old to school for 20 hours a week) is that it is far away from our house and he'll be riding the bus!!!!! He will probably be fine, it's just ME who will be freaking out.