Seperation Anxiety?

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Seperation Anxiety?

So Joseph has been in dyacare 3 days a week since he was 5 months old - never a problem a drop off - maybe one or two days he was a little sad when I left, but no ibg deal. On Jan 1st we had to switch daycare centers b/c or current one had closed down due to lack of funding. All seemed fine at first but the first week of Feb he had a COMPLETE meltdown at drop off (and this was right before a week long family vacation) I satyed about 20 mins with him to be sure he wasn't sick or something like that - it was aewful for me. Then we had a week of vacation now back into our regular routine and the last 2 weeks of drop offs have been horrible.

He has excellent communication skills so we ask him whay are his anwers are:
1) the kids stink (he means they smell, like the diaper smell b/c they are not all trained yet.
2) Michale hits me (upon further investiagtion he admits to hitting Michael first)
3) I will miss mommy.

We are tending to think the first 2 are just an odd excuse and its more reson #3. Then he is all set for a sleep over at Grandma's this past Friday night and he totally freaked and cried and said he can't go b/c he "lives here in this house with mommy" My mom said he was fine and stopped crying by the time they left my block. But it was heartbreaking for me. But i was happy to learn it wasn't just a daycare issue.

Why would this be happening at 3 years old? All the article i read say children outgrow it by 2.5. Could it be the new baby on the way - he knows its coming we speak of it all the time...and he seems excited for it but maybe not?

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I really don't know, both my girls past the age of 2.5 loved going to different places. You may be correct in him know the baby is coming soon. Just make sure you give him plenty of attention until the little one arrives when you are together, sometimes life gets so busy we forget to take a moment for our kids.

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Eli went through a few phases like this. He attends nursery (18 months-3 years) at church on Sunday for 2 hours. He used to go no problem - then he spent about 3 months FREAKING OUT about going, and bawling his eyes out when we tried to drop him off. Now he is back to normal, and runs in there and says goodbye to us happily.

Hopefully Joe is just going through a short phase. Maybe the switch to a new daycare hit him a little later than expected. Good luck!

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Griffin switched daycares and had a hard time of it at first. It took him a lot longer to adjust than I expected. He was always fine at his old daycare and was happy to go and never cried at drop-off, but with the new daycare, he cried every time for about a month and it was awful. I hated dropping him off and would sit in my car and cry afterward. But they always said he was fine as soon as I left. He may just still be adjusting to the change, different kids, new teachers, new space. That can be hard for a little guy. And knowing a new baby is coming and that there is going to be another big change probably is part of it too. Even though they are little, they understand that a new sibling will mean a little less time with mommy. I hope it gets better soon!

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Actually the past 3 days have been no crying - so I think we are mostly past it now - thank GOD! It was a rough month!

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