Silly me....OT...kinda long, sorry

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Silly me....OT...kinda long, sorry

I can't share on FB because of said friend, but I had to post it somewhere!

So Sunday was my birthday.....I am not a big fan of birthdays anymore, I don't know why, but the last 2 have been really hard on me. I think partly it is because I wanted to have all my kids by the time I was 30....and now I'm 31 and have only had one, and will prob be at LEAST a year until we even TRY for our 2nd (and I want a 3rd!). Anyway, like I said not a fan of my birthday......

Well my best friend forgot it was my birthday. She (and all of her sisters) are the type of people who announce to the whole world their birthday is coming up weeks in advance and expect all sorts of special treatment for a whole WEEK when it's their birthday....I'm not like that. At the same time, it would be nice to at least be told happy birthday by your best friend, ya know? Especially when your husband is out of town, and you have NO family in the area. I know when her birthday is without asking or being told, and I have always done something nice for her on her birthdays (last year I bought her a pedicure, the year before I bought her a crockpot because she needed one, etc.). This sounds so stupid and poor me. GRRR

On top of her forgetting my birthday she was kind of a B!tch to me ON MY BIRTHDAY. I was over at her house letting the kids play, and one of her sister's was having drama with her husband, and she felt the need to tell me a gazillion times to not tell anyone, don't even tell your husband what is going on, don't tell anyone, like I'm going to go blab about it to the whole town (also so not me, this is something SHE does on a regular basis) After her telling me this over 6-7 times, I finally raised my voice (also something I don't do EVER) and said "Jessie! I'm not going to tell anyone! I don't talk sh!t!!!! Stop telling me to not tell anyone!" and turned away from her. She left a few minutes later to go to her sister's house to help deal with the drama (that i wasn't supposed to tell anyone about) and I left a few minutes later just fuming. Happy birthday to me!

Well yesterday she sent me flowers with a note that said "Sorry I forgot your birthday, I'm an ***, but I do love you" Now I feel like a jerk, but I'm still mad at her for being a beast to me.

I explained the whole story over the phone to my hubby (who is in Texas) and started crying...he felt so bad he called me like 10 times that day, and he told me to go to the local salon and get a pedicure and anything else I wanted, he was really sweet.

sorry this is so long and rambly and random :eek:

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Aww! First of all, you're not at all silly or stupid for being upset about your bff completely forgetting your birthday! ESPECIALLY because your husband was out of town! In my book, that's even more of a reason that she should have been on top of it and planned something special for you! I would've been very hurt. I'm glad she apologized and sent you flowers though-- at least it shows that she's not a horrible person. Smile Happy belated birthday!

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I completely understand being upset at your friend, glad she came forth and admitted that she wasn't being very nice. Maybe the drama with her family was part of the reason she had forgotten your birthday. Good to hear she sent flowers and birthday wishes in the end.

I honestly am absolutely horrible at remembering to wish my BFF a happy birthday (yes I do know her birthday), I do generally get her a small gift though, sometimes it gets to her late because we are both quite busy.

Happy belated birthday to you.