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    I went out with some work friends tonight to celebrate a birthday. Very busy restaurant. I was brave, and had Audrey's sleeve rolled up on her little arm. There was a table behind us of 8 young (early-mid twenties?) people, and two of the guys were completely turned around in their chairs and craning their necks to stare at her.

    It really pissed me off/upset me. I don't have a problem if you look. She looks different, I get it. But have some tact at least. Ask me about it if you want to know something. But to blatantly ogle my baby really rubbed me the wrong way.

    I know she's going to get stares her whole life. This is just the first time I've experienced it in such a manner. I didn't expect it to affect me the way it did. Made me want to run away with her and shield her from everything that is to come.

    On a happy note, she laughed tonight for the first time!
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    oh my heart just hurts for you some people UGH!!!

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    Sorry to hear about the incident, my BFF is a burn victim (she had the accident about 4 years ago) and says even as an adult that sort of thing happens, she'd just rather people ask about it.

    I think Audrey is absolutely adorable.

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    My heart aches reading that. I know our situations are different...but I get similar expressions when people see my 2 year old doesn't walk, eat solid foods...etc. you are a great mom!

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    Aw. I'm sorry you experienced that. She is a beautiful wonderful baby. Sounds like they might have been young college guys, not that it excuses it, they should have learned as kids that such behavior is unacceptable, but college kids are dumb sometimes. Of course it made you want to run home and just shield her from all of it! But I am confident with you as her mom, she will learn to handle it with grace and not let it effect who she is and who she will become. You have lucky girls!
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