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Anyone else noticing this or something like it as your LO gets to be a more experienced talker? I am not worried about it yet, but Griffin seems to have developed a stutter. I think its just because he is more and more frequently trying to express his own ideas and thoughts (rather than mostly just repeating stuff we say or answering our questions) and his brain still moves faster than his mouth can go. He often starts a sentence by repeating the same sound or word over and over "can't can't can't can't can't throw that on the floor." If he is trying to say more than one sentence especially, it takes him some time to get it all out. It seems to be happening more frequently and getting worse when it happens, but for now I think it's just normal and he will outgrow it as he gets better at talking.

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You're probably right that he'll grow out of it, but if you don't see a change in the next 6 months or so, you could get him evaluated by a speech/language pathologist. The "Child Find" type programs provide free evaluations before age 3 (I think) and maybe even free speech therapy. I don't know all the parameters, but it might be worth looking into.

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Piper didn't have any of these issues, but a good friend of mine's son has had some stuttering like you described that she was really worried about. Her ped told her not to worry and that it's very normal for some kids to do that for a while, but that he'd very likely grow out of it. I bet it's the same for Griffin.

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My oldest dd who is four has developed stuttering. The speech therapist says that it's because their brains are going faster than what their mouth can produce. To just slow them down and not make a huge deal out of it. I'm right there with you.

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Ellie doesnt talk enough. She's just now frequently using 3 word sentences and told me a whole story yesterday- but as my sister says you have to understand Ellie-ish to know what she's saying.

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He's advanced! Smile It's super common for kids to develop a stutter, but usually it's around age 3. It can take awhile to outgrow it. Big keys are to not comment on it and make him self conscious and to be patient and let him take his time saying stuff. He'll grow out of it.