Terrible Two's

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Terrible Two's

Yep, they are here in full force.

I've got an argumentative 2 year old, and a bossy lil' 3 year old.


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I swear, halfway through Eli's party he all of a sudden had a switch go off in his head....."I'm 2 now. I better cause a big ruckus!"

Here in full force too!

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Natalie started at 18 months...

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Makenna's new thing is when I tell her "no", she screams "ow, ow, ow!!!". The best is when we are out in public and people give me the most awful looks!

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Yep, Mady's got a case of the terrible two's too. I'm so over it and we've only just begun. Everyone keeps telling me that the three's are worse...:rolleyes:

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We've got them too! Hailey is in full indepence mode, she wants to do EVERYTHING herself! To the point that if you lift her into the chair, she'll get mad, get down, and then climb right back up herself!

She's also picky about who does things for her. If I'm home, everything has to be me. Whether its brush her teeth, or even pick up her cup if she drops it at dinner. If Daddy picks it up she gets so mad! its very frustrating....

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Yep. Kamryn has it too. She started at the Dr.'s office for her two year old checkup. Screamed bloody murder and was having an all out fit on the floor of the waiting area. The Dr. came out and said to just step over her and walk away, and that she would eventually realize no one was paying her any attention and get over it. It was true. She got over it. She's been doing it alot to get her sister in trouble too. Screaming when her big sister wasn't even in the room. When we ask her what's wrong she says Kayeee hit me. Oh gosh. I feel you. You can only bear it and wait until the get older. It never goes away it just changes and evolves. GL!