todzillas and cars and sick kids oh my....

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todzillas and cars and sick kids oh my....

hey everybody. i posted some of this on fb but my little rant is not really fb friendly... i have a friend whos 3 kids are just heathens. last week she asked me to go to terre haute shopping with her and we went cause we needed to get some stuff too. we are not in the van 5 min before all 3 of her kids are hacking up a lung and snot flying everywhere. while shopping her oldest sneezed right in izzys face. that was tuesday, by friday izzy was cranky and looked like hell. it only got worse from there. now she had bronchitis and a nasty ear infection. you cant even look at her with a total meltdown. i dont take her out when shes sick and if people come over i give them a fair warning. its just common courtesy i think. everytime my daughter has been sick in the last year it has always started with one of her kids giving it to her. i know its easy for things to get passed with kids, thats why you take the steps to try to prevent it right?? thats 2 trips to the dr for meds in about a month.

izzy is finally in a big girl bed. i attempted to take the rail off her crib and i could move it back and forth with one finger. i had bought a toddler bed last summer and now realized its missing 2 very important screws. ended up getting a friends' daughters old bed and izzy loves her dora bed. i think potty training will be what izzy fights me to the death over. didnt care about a binky, slept through the night at 3 months, didnt even care when i switched her a cup. i think i can count on both hands the times she has woke up screaming either over being sick or teeth bugging her. she will not use the potty for anything. feb 20th was her first and only time. ive tried the elmo potty stuff including the cute reward map and stickers. its been in 3 different rooms...nothing. she has started a new thing that if she doesnt get what she wants or if shes in trouble she just throws herself to the ground. not fitting and causing a scene but the middle of parking lots, stores, when we go out to eat. grrrrrr

on a lighter note hubby bought me a new car. his car died about 2 weeks ago so he told me to find a new one. he wanted a truck but i couldnt find anything in our price range that would fit 2 fata**es and a huge carseat. so instead we got an 06 HHR. i fell in love with the rental HHR we had last year. came in $500 less than our limit and it has all the bells and whistles. at least it has a good size trunk area and its shape will hold alot more things than my old car did. so he is now driving my old car which knowing him and the shape of the tranny will be dead itself by years end. things are finally starting to look up around here. hubby finished school and his promotion is now complete. now its time to get izzy in school. hoping she will be potty trained by her birthday and if they have an opening then she can start. i really want to go back to school and do something. i was thinking a therapy assistant. hoping that is doable cause going back to work as a cna is no longer possible with as jacked up as my back is now.

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oh man, I hope Izzy starts feeling better soon! That is so hard when they are sick Sad

Every kid is different and it sounds like Izzy just isn't ready to be potty trained.....Savanna just started copying me, and even now, sometimes she won't go unless I go potty too (me on the big potty, her on her little potty). Something my sister does with her kids is take her kids shopping, and find one really cool toy that comes with lots of parts (train set, farm set, etc.) and everytime they go potty they get one part of that them incentive to go cuz in the end they want the WHOLE toy. Savanna is almost potty trained....but she still has a binky and is still in a crib. So like I said, every kid is different Smile

I'm so happy for you that you got a great car, I could tell how excited you were about in on FB Smile and it sounds like everything else is falling into place too for you guys Biggrin

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i hope she feels better soon, seems like if Izzy gets sick, she really gets sick!

Your car is totally awesome! my DH keeps telling me he's getting a motorcycle. i told him there is no way in HE!! he's buying a motorcycle that costs more than the car we drive our kids around in! Plus, he also wants a cell phone (and i won't let him have one. of course it hasnt occurred to him to spend his allowance on one, because he already runs out of that and then some just buying random things and gas for driving around without a purpose) and he wants to buy a house and he wants A LOT of things. Never mind my little rant there....

Ellie is sleeping in a big girl bed too, we went straight to the twin size. But it doesnt matter if she falls asleep in there, when i wake up, she's in my bed! i think she figured out how to not wake me up because if i dont wake up i dont make her go back to her bed. hmmmmm.

With Ellie, it wouldnt matter if i got a toy with lots of peices, unless i had like 500, because she's been going on the potty pretty regularly on and off for 8 months now, but she's no where near trained, she is not physically ready, she doesnt know when she has to pee, half the time she barely notices when she IS peeing unless i have her on the potty and she hears it. She just recently started telling me when she has just pooped in her diaper (or pull-ups) so i know that she doesnt have the ability to control it yet. Does Izzy tell you when she needs a new diaper? thats one of the signs of readiness. i cant remember the rest of them.... stay dry through naps?

try bribing her to sit on the potty right when she gets up in the morning and after nap (if she's still taking a nap). just get her in the routine and eventually she'll pee while she's sitting there, and you just have to make HUGE DEAL about it, and then she'll want to do it again.

I made my own sticker chart for Ellie since we've been working in little bitty steps for so long on PTing, and she LOVES watching me put stickers up there. one sticker goes on the chart and she gets one to stick to her shirt or belly or head or wherever she wants it. sometimes my pants. thats working so far, plus she claps for herself and always goes to tell Daddy and anyone else who's in the house!

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my friend had a really bad bat problem last year. i seen where the guano is really toxic and can cause the problems they are having. all 4 of them are constantly sick. idk how many times weve suggested having someone come check the attic. they had a huge chunk of the bedroom ceiling fall a couple months ago. they just quit using that room. izzy has been sick more in the last couple of months than she was all year last year and almost everytime is because she was around my friends kids.

ive tried taking izzy to the bathroom with me, leaving it in different rooms, going around naked and will stay dry for hours. we have the elmo potty reward chart and stickers. she wants to go in there but she doesnt sit still for longer than a couple mins. she thinks she has to brush her teeth and take a bath everytime we go in there. i was told to hold off for a little bit since she is in terrible two full force. everything is no and drama and i have ran out of patience.

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this is the kind of crap im talking about. she took 2/3 kids to the dr yesterday they both have ear infections and strep. thursday she is having a 31 purse party. it is still on and yes the kids will be there and shes telling people they can bring their kids too! yeah i dont want strep any more than the next person and i sure dont want izzy to get it. were still not over the last round that they brought upon my house!!!

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I do not blame you for being upset! Hate people like that. I'm sorry.:bighug: